Things To Know When Moving To A Big City From A Small Town

Things To Know When Moving To A Big City From A Small Town

Sep 16, 2021

Nobody can deny the fact that a big city living is entirely different from a small town living. The suburbs or small towns offer a laidback lifestyle, lush-green streets, spacious homes and a relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, metropolitan cities like Gold Coast are brimmed with busy shopping streets, jam-packed roads and lead a fast-paced life.

Despite all of this, people are moving to a big city because it offers unlimited employment options, top-class education institutes, sports facilities, and much more. In such a circumstance, you will have to get ready for the biggest cultural shock and other real challenges that you will face in your life.

To simplify the relocation journey, make sure you hire the certified removalists in Gold Coast. They will take care of your much-loved possessions throughout the journey.

So, whether you are thrilled by the thought of moving into a vibrant dynamics of a big city or scared by the busy and chaotic lifestyle, you need to get prepared in advance if you want to live in a metropolitan city. It is good to stay calm and relaxed while preparing for the move, and keep the following tips in mind:

1. Do a Big City Research Ahead of Time

When shifting to a big city for the first time in your life, thorough research and good planning are needed. You can determine which city you want to move to with your family. If your friends or relatives live in that city, contact them and gather some basic information to enhance your knowledge.

Know the benefits of moving to a particular place, such as job opportunities, schools, the current status of the real estate market, safety and security and cost of living.

Finding the right housing option is also an important aspect. It is good to opt for a place where you can find a decent property within your estimated budget. Also, discover more about the local laws, rental laws, regulations, COVID-19 guidelines, weather condition, etc so that you can prepare accordingly.

2. Discover What You Need

Of course, life in a city like Gold Coast is eclectic and fast-paced, but it doesn’t mean that this lifestyle is perfect for you? Since you are doing detailed research about the new place, make sure you explore yourself and know what you need. Ask your family to help you make a better decision.

• But, before that, ask yourself the following questions:
• Am I ready to live in the city?
• Can I handle the chaotic lifestyle?
• Am I ready to commute on the subway?
• Am I ok to be financially unstable in the starting?

As you find the answers to these questions, you will be able to make the right moving decision.

3. Create a Budget

Relocating from a small town to a big city means financial instability. It can be challenging to survive with no money because living in a metropolitan city is more expensive than living in a small town- transportation, utilities, taxes, housing, food, etc.

The higher cost of living can make it difficult for you to survive after relocation. That’s the reason why you should prepare a budget to track your day-to-day expenses and control your finances.

Also, create a moving budget at least 8 weeks before your final relocation day. This will give you the flexibility to keep a close eye on your expenditures. You can also do proper research and find the most suitable moving company on the Gold Coast to give you quality service at a reasonable rate.

4. Get a Desired Job

It is impossible to survive in a big city without a job. So, make sure you find a reliable job before moving from a small town. It is good to research more about the job market in Gold Coast, the specific industry you want to get in and other vital factors.

Do not forget to update your resume and schedule a couple of interviews to get the desired job in the new place. Try not to get anxious about the fierce competition. You can visit career fairs, search for personal recommendations and seek free solutions to help you make your resume unique from the rest.

5. Minimise your Belongings

Sort out household belongings and take what you need because big cities have smaller residential properties, such as studio apartments, as compared to homes in suburbs and small towns. With limited living space, you need to get rid of unnecessary items that you no longer need.

Pack and move only those items that you need for your new abode. You can toss expired or broken items or donate items to the  local charity that are in good condition.

Ensure you find a sufficient storage unit for your household stuff or furniture if your new home is not that spacious.


Gathering detailed information is good while moving to a big city from a small town. Prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially with the help of the tips mentioned above in the article. For the safety of your belongings, prefer choosing the best Gold Coast removalists that can give you quality service with peace of mind.