Things You Need To Know Before Moving To The Gold Coast?

Things You Need To Know Before Moving To The Gold Coast?

Nov 03, 2021

Moving to a metropolitan city like Gold Coast requires a lot of planning and research. Uprooting yourself and your family and packing up household belongings is a stressful process, and you don’t get enough time to discover important things about the place you plan to move to.

Gold Coast is undeniably one of the best places to live and raise a family. Nestled between the state capital of Brisbane to the north and the NSW state border to the South, the coastal city offers great amenities, unlimited employment options and a stable commercial market. If you plan to buy a new home in this beautiful city and want to ensure a safe relocation process, you must hire the best removalists on Gold Coast.

They will take care of your precious possessions, including your large furniture and transit them safely to your new home. Professionals can also pack up your fragile items into sturdy boxes. So, you should utilise this time by exploring important factors before moving to the Gold Coast through this article.

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1. Affordable Living

This is an imperative factor when deciding to relocate your home. It is good to move to a city that offers affordability without compromising the quality of local amenities. Compared to other big cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the Gold Coast is an affordable city to live in.

According to some stats, the accommodation rates are lower than in Brisbane and other capital cities. Public transport is also cheap, and you can find plenty of budget-friendly travelling options. Here are some statistics to help you make the right decision:

• A family of four is estimated at a monthly cost of 3,353$ without rent.
• A single person estimated monthly expenses are 931 $ without rent.
• The cost of living in Gold Coast is approximately 19 per cent cheaper than in Sydney.

If you are low on budget but want to uplift your standard of living, then opt for this beautiful coastal city in Queensland.

2. Job or Employment Options

Most people move to a big city to find a dream job. If this one is the main reason, make sure you discover everything about the employment opportunities. Of course, the Gold Coast is smaller than other big capital cities, but you will find plenty of options to build a future-driven career.

In addition to this, the city is known as a regional area, which means students studying in colleges can now stay and work during their college years. They can also make the most out of the Regional Occupation List to get their choice of jobs quite easily. The leading sectors where you can find more opportunities are:

• Health and Medical Industry
• Tourism
• Hospitality
• Education
• Cleaning, etc.

So, you can build contacts and plan everything to find a decent job because home relocation is one of the most expensive tasks, especially if you are moving with your family.

3. Look for A Suitable Location for your Home

The Gold Coast is a big city offering various housing options. It is up to you where you want to live in. You can opt for affordable suburbs that are brimmed with high-end local amenities. The houses in the following suburbs are spacious, and you can also find great schools, the local market and other facilities close to the residential area:

• Coomera
• Pimpama
• Nerang
• Ormeau Hills
• Upper Coomera

If you prefer living close to the CBD, then you can buy or rent a house in the following suburbs:

• Parkwood
• Southport
• Ashmore
• Bundall
• Surfers Paradise

Depending on your needs and estimated budget, you can choose the location where you want to live with your family. Make sure you create a plan while moving to a big city for a small town.

Note: The current median price for the dwelling is $887,000 and is expected to grow in the coming years.

4. Education Options

The Gold Coast has some of the top-rated educational institutions and the best private and public schools. Griffith University is one of the best educational institutions and ranked 33rd position in the 2021 QS World University Ranking Top 50 Under 50. There is also a Bond University that promises to give exceptional education experiences to the students.

If you have a school-aged kid, make sure you do proper research and find the ideal school in your locality.

5. Public Transport Accessibility

It is important to know everything about the public transportation options before moving to the new place. The Gold Coast offers a great public transport system that can help you access around the city, including the outer suburbs, without any stress. There are plenty of buses, trams and trains to get you where you need to visit.

6. Entertainment Options

Everyone wants to chill on weekends, and knowing the neighbourhood and entertainment options is a vital aspect.

Fortunately, the city is home to the best theme parks, golden beaches, culinary delights, Sand Safari Art Festival, libraries, cafes, shopping malls and a lot more.


Whether you are moving across the new state or within the city, it is good to do proper research about your new locality and other aspects to live and raise your family easily. Make sure you hire trained Gold Coast removalists for the safety of your valuable items.