Tips For Settling In: A Post-Move Checklist

Tips For Settling In: A Post-Move Checklist

Dec 07, 2021

Moving into a new abode can be daunting, especially if you do it without any professional assistance. You can simplify the process by planning things ahead of time.

Manage the moving stress by hiring trained Gold Coast removalists and creating your post-move checklist. This is also a crucial step to help you settle into your dream home without any stress.

Prepare everything in advance and ensure all your packed boxes and belongings reach safely to the new place. Here is a complete post-move checklist to remember the most important tasks you will do after relocating to your new home.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Count All Boxes After Unloading

This is one of the first things you should do when reaching a new abode. Check and count all packed boxes that professional movers have unloaded. They will also provide you with a packing list to count the boxes, packages and containers.

Check the number and immediately inform the company if anything is missing from your unloaded belongings.

2. Thoroughly Inspect Containers and Boxes

The next step is to check for visible damage or scratches on the boxes, appliances and other household belongings.

It is not easy to unpack and inspect all boxes on the stop, but take a close look at each container and report to removalists if you see any damaged box in front of you.

3. Schedule Post Moving Tasks

You have to do plenty of tasks, from getting the water and electricity supply up to connecting home appliances and installing a water purifier. Make sure you create a list of important tasks and schedule them as soon as possible.

Also, unpack essential household items and connect all your electrical appliances.

4. Clean and Sanitise All Rooms

It is important to spruce up your new abode from top to bottom before settling into your furniture and other household belongings. Inspect all rooms and get rid of accumulated dust from ceiling walls and fans, light fixtures and fittings, windows, blinds, drawers, floors, etc.

Thoroughly clean and disinfect germ-laden areas, such as toilets, shower screen, sink and faucets, doorknobs, etc.

You can also hire a local cleaning company in Gold Coast if you want a professional cleaning service. This will save you time and energy to a great extend.

5. Locate Switches

If you have relocated to your own house, you may be aware of all the important switch points for the water pump, fuse box, main switch, etc. But if you are relocating to a rented property, it is imperative to locate these switches.

6. Begin Unpacking

This step is all about unpacking boxes room by room. It is not easy to arrange all of the belongings in one go, so prepare a plan for this.

You can settle your kitchen first if you are planning to start cooking. After that, you can set up your bedroom and bathrooms.

Unpack cooking oven, utensils, buckets, cleaning supplies. Next should be your mattress, bed sheets, curtains, pillowcases, towel, toiletries, etc.

Start the process slowly depending on your schedule to achieve the best possible results.

If you want to safely relocate to your new home, then prepare a weekly moving checklist and stay organised throughout the process.

7. Re-arrange Your Belongings

Keep your new abode arranged and organised to make it look beautiful. This will also make your house look spacious. Arrange household belongings at their designated places.

It is good to pick one room at a time and unpack containers that contain belongings specific to that room only. This will keep things organised.

8. Unpack and Connect Electronic Appliances

Make sure you unpack and connect all your appliances, such as fridge, microwave, TV, washing machine, dishwasher and music system. Make sure you do this after arranging your large furniture.

Ask your reliable Gold Coast removalists to assist you in the lifting and re-arranging process. They will lift and place heavy belongings in their designated area without any personal injury.

9. Replace Existing Locks

Since you have already checked all locks and security systems, make sure you replace the damaged ones. You can also install additional locks for more security. Make sure you ask your landlord so that they can change locks as per your requirement.

10. De-clutter used packing supplies

After unpacking all your household belongings, the next step is de-cluttering and getting rid of used packing supplies, including boxes, packing paper, packing tape, etc.

You can keep these boxes in a storage unit or recycle them so they won’t harm the environment.

11. Clean house Post Unpacking

Once you have tossed packing boxes, make sure you arrange the home by cleaning all your rooms. Settle in your abode without a hint of stress.

12. Deck up Your Home

You can decorate your house using decor items and personalise each room that can enhance the overall look and feel of your abode.


This is a complete post-move checklist that will help you settle in your new abode without any trouble. You can also hire seasoned removalists in Gold Coast to transition heavy and large household belongings safely. They will also assist you in setting up a new home without causing any  personal injury or damage.