Tips For Staging Your Home On A Budget When Moving
A woman is staging her house

Tips For Staging Your Home On A Budget When Moving

Feb 20, 2020

Although home staging is optional, it can be beneficial when you are looking to get the maximum value for your house. The most important thing you need to understand is that your buyers not look for a basic structure to live in. They want to improve their lifestyle and live in their dream house. Staging the home make you capable of selling those dreams to the buyers and create a more emotional appeal for your property.

There are many misconceptions about staging, and perhaps the biggest one is that you need a lot of money to do it properly. The more money to will spend, the higher price you will get. However, the reality is, you can easily stage your home on a budget. You just need to concentrate on those things that will influence your buyer’s decision. Experts advise that you should stage our home only after the removalists in Gold Coast move all your belongings. This gives you the much-needed space to beautify your house. Here are a few essential tips for staging your home without spending a lot of money.

Get Rid of Irrelevant Things

One of the most important tips for people who are staging their home on a budget is to get rid of irrelevant things. It is easy to do when you are relocating because, during this time, you hire removalists in Gold Coast to move all your belongings to your new house.

So, when you are staging your home, only keep those things that are required and will give your home a complete and attractive look. The reason why you should declutter your home for staging because too many items will only distract your potential buyers. Also, by removing the excess belongings, you can make your home look spacious, which is undoubtedly a plus point when you want to sell it.

Deep Clean and Deodorise Your Home

Comprehensive cleaning of a property is not only necessary when you are moving out of the rental property but also when you are selling your own house. A neat and clean property always impress your buyers. So, make sure that your home is perfectly clean. Remove dirt and dust from the kitchen and bathroom, clean the windows, and make sure there is no pet hair or stains on your carpets.

However, you don’t need to purchase expensive commercial cleaning products to deep clean and deodorise your home. When you are staging your home on a budget, use natural cleaning agents like baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, salt, borax, essential oil, and so on. They are as effective as any branded products but extremely cheap.

Make Your Home Buyer Friendly

When you are staging your home, it is imperative that you make your home buyer friendly. One of the most common home selling mistakes the owners make is that they fail to make their home attractive to the buyers. You should not forget that the main purpose of home staging is to help your buyers visualise the space as their own. So, you need to minimise your personal touch.

Just because you like bright paint colours, doesn’t mean your buyers will also enjoy the same. Paint is quite inexpensive, and thus, experts highly recommend it when you are staging your home on a budget. Instead of your preferred bold colours, opt for grey, white, and creams tones. Also, take down all your framed photographs and personalised magnets from the door of your refrigerator. You should also remove items such as your toothbrushes, contact solution, medicines, etc. from your bathroom and keep your clothes out of sight.

Make the Essential Repair Work

To make the most out of your home staging, you need to deal with the essential repair work like tiny nicks, scratches, holes, and other similar things that the buyers can quickly notice. Grab a pen, a notepad and visit all the room one by one and note down the repair work required. Then use it as a checklist to fix all the problems. Your bathroom should not only look clean, but there should be no leakage pipes.

Also, you should first do all the essential repair work and only then paint your house. Otherwise, the repair work will be clearly visible. After completing all the repair work, you will be able to flaunt your home more confidently.

Improve Lighting

Whether you are preparing your home for the final property inspection, or staging it in a cost-effective manner, improving the lighting in your home is essential.  This can be achieved economically by ensuring that all of the lights and fixtures in every room are working perfectly.

If you want to test your home lighting, turn on all the lights while it is dark outside and inspect room by room. If you are unable to see clearly, then you need to enhance the lighting. Clean the light fixtures and if required, replace the old light with the new one. While staging your home, it is crucial to work on the right spots. So focus on the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. These are the place that your buyers carefully inspect.

Add Plants and Flowers at Your Home

This is another great way to stage your house without spending a lot of money and make your house look appealing to your potential buyers. Allow your removalists in Gold Coast to move most of your belongings but keep the indoor plants for staging your home.

Also, place a few colourful flowers to add some freshness. Do not place your indoor plants or flowers too close to each other. This might make a particular area look cluttered. Arrange a large vase with bright flowers and place it on your centre table and a few plants in your living room and master bedroom. If you don’t have indoor plants, artificial plants will also do the job.

Focus on Exterior Staging

For perfect staging your home, you need to focus not only at the interior but also the exterior of the house, including lawn, patio, deck, or the outdoor BBQ area. You should forget that it is the first things that your buyers will look while entering the home. A dirty patio, weed-filled flower beds and overgrown bushes can lead to a disappointing first impression. Thus it is essential to properly clean the entertaining space, plant colourful flowers and nicely trim the bushes and shrubs in the lawn.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning your home staging on a budget, you should focus on the overall improvements and on those specific segments that can make all the difference in deciding the selling price of the property. The tips mentioned here will help you to stage your home without spending a lot of money.