Tips For Reducing The Cost Of A Local Move In Gold Coast
a family of four packing house items for a move

Tips For Reducing The Cost Of A Local Move In Gold Coast

Jan 11, 2018

Moving can be a labour-intensive and very time-consuming effort. It can also be a costly one. From end to end, there are a number of challenging tasks to handle, and plenty of expenses that you’re sure to accumulate along the way. Without careful planning, you may end spending far more money and time than you can afford.

Fortunately, there are several of things that you can do to control your spending and wisely manage your time. Following are some tips for reducing the cost of a local move in Gold Coast. With these strategies and with the help of cheap removalists in Gold Coast, you can get everything done and still have the cash to spare.

1. If It’s Broken, Do Not Bring It

Don’t waste your time wrapping or otherwise preparing furnishings that are visibly falling apart. Dressers that lack bottoms and bookshelves that are sagging in the middle are items that you should leave behind. In addition to diminishing the brand new look and feel of your home, these are pieces that are only likely to sustain more wear and tear during transport.

This remains true no matter how carefully they’re wrapped or stack. Instead of paying any additional money to bring these things along, save your cash to purchase something better once you’re securely in your new home. And if you are relocating for work, it is better to purge the unwanted stuff before commencing the moving process.

2. Donate Unused Items To A Gold Coast Charity

After you’ve gotten rid of all of the broken and outdated items in your home, you find that you still have quite a bit to transport. When you hire removalists, you’ll likely be charged according to the calculated weight or volume of your things, which means that the more unnecessary stuff that can be paired away, the cheaper it will be to get everything done. It remains true even if you intend to haul most or all of your belongings by yourself. More weight will increase your fuel use, and more volume will require a higher number of trips.

Take stock of all the items that you haven’t used in a while. A good rule to use when determining what should be pared away is if you haven’t used something in about two to three years, you probably aren’t going to be using it again. It may include antiques, heirlooms, photographs and other keepsakes and items of sentimental value.

Donate clothes that no longer fits or that’s gone out of style, exercise and sporting equipment that’s collecting dust, board games, and collections of old books and magazines can be given away. Taking these items to a local charity can be beneficial in many ways. First, you’ll get to do something good for the local community, and second, you’ll have the chance to get a truly fresh start in your new home – without dragging a lot of unnecessary clutter with you.

3. Host A Garage Sale

You might have a few items of reasonably high value like collectables, vintage clothing, and rare books. These are all stuff that you can take along if you wish to keep it, but there are times when people are no longer willing to sacrifice the living space that their old collections fill up. It may be that you’re in the process of consolidating homes by taking on a housemate or by moving in with your significant other.

In either case, hosting a garage sale will allow you to recoup some of the monies that you’ve spent building your collections. These are funds that can help offset the total costs of your move. You can also put them in the bank and store them up for a rainy day. Best of all, hosting a yard sale is an excellent way to mingle with your neighbours and say your goodbyes.

4. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space When Using Storage

Some people have a bit of a gap in the middle of their moves. They’re scheduled to be out of the old units on one day, but the cannot take up residency in their new homes for several weeks. Situations like these are never fun.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for short-term Gold Coast storage that can make these incredibly complex moves significantly easier. When choosing a unit size to house your household items, make sure to account for all of the available, vertical space.

You might not need as much floor space as you originally think when you create a plan for stacking your belongings vertical. A stable and reasonable configuration could wind up saving you a considerable amount of cash by enabling you to pay for a much smaller storage space overall. If you prefer to spend more and get a larger unit, vertical stacking will also provide plenty of room for walkways.

5. Outsource The Hard Labour

There are both direct and indirect costs to moving. Your direct costs include the vehicle and fuel that it will take to get your items from place to place, your boxing supplies and any storage that you need to hold your belongings until your new home is ready. You can make price comparisons and shop carefully to limit your spending in each of these areas, but you still have to account for the indirect costs of moving.

If you aren’t careful, these can amount to a veritable fortune. For instance, if you choose to transport your furnishings and strain your back during the heavy lifting, you may end up missing out on some much-needed wages. And this is time away from work that you may not get compensation.

Moreover, if you have friends or family members help with your do-it-yourself removals, you could become liable for any issues that these individuals sustain. Hiring Gold Coast removalists are just the smartest and easiest way to manage the risk of these projects. With trained professionals handling the job, you won’t have to worry about having your indirect expenses spiral out of control.

6. Get High-Quality Boxing Supplies

All of your packing materials should be of the highest possible quality. One frequently overlooked, indirect cost is a loss. If you aren’t careful in making sure that all of your items are properly and securely packed, you could wind up losing a lot of valuable things.

Once you’ve gotten rid of your broken, unused, and unwanted items, you’ll be left with nothing but boxes of belongings you genuinely cherish. Make sure that you’re taking every possible step to protect them by using durable packing tape, sturdy boxes, and reliable wrapping paper or other buffering/cushioning materials.

Wrapping Up

The absolute best way to save money and time on your local move is by hiring a professional removal company like Better Removalists Gold Coast. They can assist you in getting excellent packing materials and in making sure that all of your items are securely boxed up for the ride. With high-quality moving equipment and trained professionals on the job, you can look forward to a seamless and stress-free process from start to finish.