Tips To Safely Move House Plants To Your New Home

Tips To Safely Move House Plants To Your New Home

Aug 01, 2022

Proper planning is crucial for the success of your home relocation journey. Create a customised checklist, add important tasks, arrange necessary supplies and do not forget your house plants.

They need care, attention and love the way you do with your kids and pets. However, relocating delicate plants can be tricky because light and temperature fluctuations can cause damage. Many house plants end up during the relocation process, which is unfortunate.

It is good to hire the best Removalists Gold Coast that can safely move your houseplants with utmost care.

However, you need to do some preparations in advance and follow the proper hacks for a safe and sound experience.

Let’s Get Started!

Before the Moving Day

1. Choose the right Moving Day for Your Plants

Do not relocate your houseplants in hot conditions. The dry air and hot temperature can damage the roots of your plants in the summer season.

You can successfully relocate plants in the summer season if you take extra precautionary measures. Do not leave them dehydrated when transporting. This will prevent the roots from getting damaged due to extreme heat.

If you have the flexibility to change the moving date, do not choose the summer season. You can pick up any other season, which will assist you in relocating your plants in a safe and relaxed manner.

2. Prune and Trim Your Plants

Pruning and trimming can help your plants preserve energy during the transportation process. Proper trimming ensures the good health of your green buddies and keeps them lively throughout the journey.

Trimming the dead and extra leaves and branches is a good to save energy. You can do this a day before your final moving day.

Make sure you create a complete schedule to avoid home moving delays, especially doing for the first time.

3. Re-pot in Plastic Containers

Ceramic, clay and concrete pots are prone to damage. It is better to take plants out of the heavy pots and load them in heavy and sturdy plastic pots while moving via a truck. Make sure you do this at least 2-3 weeks before the arrival of removalists Gold Coast for utmost protection.

4. Water Plants Properly

It is good to understand that excess and less watering can cause damage to your house plans.

Water them sufficiently at least two to three days before the final moving day. Make sure the roots stay moist during transportation, which is one of the crucial aspects.

5. Pack Them Cleverly

Pay attention to the packing process if you want to protect your house plants from heat, sunlight, rain and cold. Wrap your green plants in cones of kraft paper. You can take a piece of craft paper and cut the width and the height as per your plant. Wrap it to make a cone shape and make it wider at the top.

Secure the edges with the tape and slip in the plant with its pot from the top of the cone to protect the stems and leaves. Pack them in a sturdy box and add extra cushioning using towels and bubble wrap.

6. Pack Plants in Open Boxes

Are you relocating across the city? You can wrap your plants in large open boxes. This is one of the best and easiest ways. Do not forget to cushion the sides of the pots using newspaper. Keep plants with you in your car instead of a moving truck.  You can try pro packing and moving hacks for the safety of your plants and other delicate items.

7. Labelling Is Important

Do not forget to label the boxes with a relevant name, such as house plants, using a black permanent marker. This will help Gold Coast Movers to identify sensitive items and will handle them accordingly.

Things to Remember After Relocating Plants

  • You may see that some of the leaves might turn yellow and fall due to a big change, temperature fluctuations and transportation services. Instead of creating a panic, just wait and watch. This could be a temporary reaction and will start blooming again once they settle into a new place.
  • Remove your plants from the plastic and put them in a safe and open area as soon as you reach the new home. Water them on time and let them adjust fully.
  • Place your plants again in their pot if you have removed them into a plastic pot for safe moving. You can do this after 7 days once they start adjusting to the environment.


Relocating houseplants can be tricky because they are susceptible. You can try these tips and harmlessly relocate them with the help of professional removalists Gold Coast. Make sure you prepare your plants in advance by pruning and trimming dead and extra branches and leaves and keeping them protected regardless of the distance and complexity of your move.