Tips To Stay Productive During An Office Move

Tips To Stay Productive During An Office Move

Jul 12, 2021

Office relocation is a time-consuming and stressful process during which anyone’s productivity can take a nosedive. The pressure of packing, changing address, managing operations and other moving-related tasks can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Thus, it is crucial you are ready for the move and fulfil your commitments without compromising your work quality. Hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage the different aspects of your relocation. Professionals have the training, resources and expertise to manage large and small-scale office moves without any hassle.

In addition, follow these expert tips to stay productive during an office shift and avoid stress.

Sleep & Eat Well

During a move, your hands are full and you have to fulfil various responsibilities. The pressure and stress can make you sleep less than necessary and skip meals. Inadequate or poor sleep can affect your ability to focus on your work and get tasks done in time. Also, skipping meals affects your health and energy levels. Therefore, when you don’t sleep or eat properly, your productivity is severely hampered.

Follow A Moving Checklist

Since you have to manage relocation-related tasks and complete your work during an office move, following a checklist is a must. You can outline all the tasks you need to do for managing the move and prioritise them according to importance and urgency.

Also, you avoid forgetting about important things and feel motivated to complete them in time with a checklist.

Pack & Unpack Strategically

Packing and unpacking are major activities that take time, energy and effort when moving office. Therefore, it is essential you do them strategically to avoid delays. Starting the packing process early is one of the best ways to maintain your work productivity. Also, you should box office essentials a week before moving to ensure they are packed and loaded on the moving truck last.

This way, the boxes with important things will unload first, and you can unpack them immediately upon arrival at the new office.

Don’t Micromanage Everything

Managing an office move without delegating tasks is impossible, and you should have a team of people who can reliably complete tasks they are given. However, once you have allocated responsibilities, avoid micromanaging everything, as you will lose focus and time. Ensure you supervise the process and not over-analyse situations to work productively during a move.

Avoid Creating A Mess in the Office

A mess of paper, wires, boxes and packing supplies is a common sight during an office move. But you should avoid creating it in your workplace as clutter can increase stress and affect your ability to concentrate on tasks. Also, it is challenging to take work seriously when your office is untidy.

Follow these tips to avoid cluttered surroundings.

• Get rid of broken items and trash in the office daily
• Remove items that haven’t been used for six months or more.

Sort through office contents to segregate things you want to pack from items you need to discard or donate.

Hire Full-Service Removalists

Many reputed removalists in Gold Coast offer complete services that you can avail. They will manage every aspect of your relocation from packing, loading/unloading the moving truck, delivering the office contents and unpacking. Plus, they will create an inventory of everything and ensure the contents reach your new office without damage. When you have professional help, it is easier to concentrate on your work without stress and maintain productivity.

For selecting the best removals company in Gold Coast, you can get free and no-obligation quotes from removalists with a good market reputation. Book the ones who offer full-service removals at an affordable price and have fool-proof insurance.

Communicate With Your Team

Often during an office move, internal communication can take a back seat, giving rise to disorganisations. Therefore, make sure you freely communicate with every team member to avoid your and their work from suffering.

To keep tabs on moving-related tasks and their progress, use an application where you can create tasks, share them and get updates. It will help streamline the moving process and maintain transparency — additionally, schedule daily meetings with your team to identify and manage issues that may hamper workflow.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

During a move, you have to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously, and the stress can take a toll. You can feel sad, depressed, anxious, angry and many other emotions that can hamper your work productivity. Therefore, it is essential you maintain a positive attitude and keep yourself motivated.

You can:

• Talk with your team and colleagues
• Streamline your work
• Meditate and practice yoga or exercise
• Keep yourself excited about working in a new office
• Get a massage or spa to feel relaxed

The Bottom Line

Relocating your office is a strenuous process that takes time and energy. It can severely affect your work, which is why you should hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to reduce the burden and hassle. Furthermore, follow the tips mentioned above to stay focused and productive during an office move.