The Ultimate Checklist For Moving To A New City
A moving checklist on a piece of paper with other items

The Ultimate Checklist For Moving To A New City

Apr 30, 2018

Moving to a new city is exciting as so many new opportunities are waiting for us, but when we have to pack countless boxes and bags, all the excitement vanishes in seconds. The entire process is so wearing; no wonder why people feel overwhelmed when they have to move to a new location. The qualms of a new city bring unavoidable stress and anxiety. You are not aware of the new place, new culture, and new people; and many other uncertainties make relocation tougher.

The wisest step you can take in such situation is to get some professional help. Moving companies not only help in reducing the pressure but they also save time and money. Moreover, a reliable removalist offers excellent profitable services that make your move cost effective. You can manage a lot of things by hiring experienced interstate removalists in Gold Coast. They are professionals who are well informed about the new city and have well-tested methods to move people from one city to another. Along with having an ultimate moving checklist, you should hire professional services so that moving to a new city becomes smooth.

Let’s take a look at the ultimate checklist that you should have for moving to a new city:

1. Finding a Suitable Place to Live

The most basic thing you need to consider before moving to a new city is to find a suitable location for you to live. This is a task that might take ample amount of time, but it will definitely pay off when you see your house in Gold Coast. You can search online where you will get a lot of options. Try to find out acquaintances in the new city and see if any of your friends or relatives can help you in finding a good place. You can also go through listing on various property websites.

2. Hire a Removalist

This should be on priority for you ultimate moving checklist. Moving to a new city can be very tiring, and you will have to prepare many things in advance. And that’s why hiring a removalist is necessary for your move. Packing alone will take many days, and there are many other tasks that you will have to complete during the whole process; therefore, it’s better that you hire professionals for it. They will take care of a lot of things for you, and you will not feel the pressure to do everything alone.

3. Insurance

Security of your belongings is necessary when you are moving to a new city. A quality removalist will always provide full coverage insurance for your goods. But still, add this step to your checklist so that you don’t forget getting full insurance from your Sydney to Gold Coast Removalist.

4. Clean your House

This should be on top of your checklist. Cleaning the property before vacating is necessary. And not simple cleaning but thorough cleaning so that nothing remains unattended and your landlord can find an error in the property. In order to have the guarantee for your getting back your bond money, you should get your house cleaned from the end of lease cleaners in Sydney. Its better you employ professional cleaning services for this task because they are experts and they know all the practices and methods for the end of lease cleaning.

5. Choosing Best Day and Time to move

Fixing a suitable day and time for your move is very important. You need to check your calendar closely to pick a day that doesn’t fall during the peak season when most of the people move. For example in a city like Sydney, people prefer moving in the summer season. Also try to avoid moving over the weekend, as you will find heavy traffic and the prices of the removalists also go high.

6. Update Friends and Family

Update all your friends and family members about your relocation. Send them your new address and phone number. It’s even better to throw a party and invite all your acquaintances to your house before you move. This will give you a chance to say goodbye and even give them all the critical updates.

7. Decluttering

Remove as much clutter as you can from your house. The more stuff you will get rid of the less you will have to pack for the move. This will also cut down the quantity of moving trucks you will have to hire and hence will make your move cost effective.
You can sell that unwanted stuff or even send it to the local donation centre of your city. Try not to keep anything that you don’t need anymore and don’t take the extra baggage with you as it will make the entire process lengthier.

8. Packing

Plan to pack all your stuff accordingly. Make a room separately for packing in your current home. It will ease out the process. All the stuff will not get scattered here and there. Label the boxes while you pack- labelling each box with its contents will help you in identifying what is kept where at the time of unpacking. If you pack numerous boxes without mentioning what’s in there, you will face issues in unpacking, and it will be a lengthy process as you will have to check every box.
Also, avoid packing one heavy box, instead you can divide it into other smaller boxes so that you don’t end up breaking anything.

9. Pack an Essentials Box

The entire process of moving is so exhausting that you will not be able to start unpacking the very first day you reach your new house. You will need some time to rest and relax to start the process of unpacking and setting stuff at your new house. Therefore it is advised to pack an essentials box and keep all the basics in it. You can keep all the stuff that you need on a daily basis, things like toiletries, lines, few clothes, packet food, medicines, necessary documents, keys any other essentials etc. With this box, you will not have to search all the boxes for small things In the middle of the night.

10. Inform your Utility Suppliers

Informing your utility supplier is an essential part of your checklist. Get your power; water, electricity etc. suppliers sorted right away. Inform them about your new location and new address so that they can coordinate with their suppliers in the new city and get it done for you before you move.

11. Documentation

Also, make sure that you collect all your important documents before you leave your current city. These can be your property papers, your employment letters, medical records, credit records, personal documents etc. Collecting them on time will prevent any back trips to your previous city.


Moving demands a lot of efforts and time, and there are so many tasks involved that it gets difficult to handle everything. It’s important that you have an ultimate checklist which reminds you of all the chores that you have to complete during your relocation. One of the best ways to get rid of the load is to hire professional Sydney to Gold Coast removalist as they will take care of the most of tasks for you. They will help and make your relocation fun and enjoyable that you won’t be able to thank them enough.