Weekly Moving Checklist For A Smooth & Stress-Free Move

Weekly Moving Checklist For A Smooth & Stress-Free Move

Nov 25, 2021

Planning is one of the pivotal aspects that can keep your belongings safe during the moving process. Putting efforts in the right direction ensures a stress-free transition of precious belongings. That’s why people create a complete moving checklist and add tasks according to their specific needs.

It is good to start as early as possible to streamline the entire process. Also, hire the best removalists in Gold Coast at least 6-8 weeks before your moving day. They will take care of your valuable possessions and relocate them safely to the new location.

If you still want to organise the moving tasks from start to the end, consider the following weekly moving checklist for a smooth and stress-free relocation:

8 Weeks before the  Moving Day

Instead of waiting for the last minute to pack household belongings, you should begin the process at least 8 weeks before your moving day. Plan things ahead of time and focus on the following tasks:

Prepare a rough budget to track your expenses related to a move. You can use a good budget planner to make estimates properly. Make sure you include all costs of your relocation for better understanding.
De-clutter your home and toss unwanted, old and broken items. You can inspect all rooms and divide things into three categories: keep, discard and donate.
Deep clean your current property. You can also hire professionals for the same.
Search for the best removalists on Gold Coast. Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues. You can also search for good companies on the internet and check their reliability by reading genuine customer reviews.
Compare quotes and choose the best company that can offer you quality service within your estimated budget.
Research best schools in the new place for your kids. Contact the real estate agent and gather details about nearby private and public schools in Gold Coast.
• This is the best time to host a garage sale and earn some extra dollars by selling pre-loved household belongings you no longer need. Decide the date depending on your availability.
Plan how to relocate delicate items, such as a piano, fine art, expensive art piece, a pool table, etc. It is good to hire speciality removalists for the utmost safety of your unusual items.

6 Weeks Prior to the Final Move

Convert your plans into action and get ready for other important things related to your move because you are just 6 weeks away from your final moving day. Here are the tasks you should include in your moving checklist:

Buy necessary packing supplies, such as packing paper, packing tape, bubble wraps, etc.
Collect free boxes from local grocery shops, liquor shops and bookstores. This way, you can save your money as you don’t have to purchase new cardboard boxes.
Donate Pre-loved items and get rid of items that you no longer need.
Throw a dinner party for your friends and relatives and spend quality time with them.
Change or update your address with the local post office, banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, etc.
Get medical records and prescriptions from your healthcare professionals or GP.
• Check your pantry and refrigerator and start consuming perishable food items.
Cancel subscriptions of magazines and newspapers. If moving locally, arrange these services at your new address.
Measure your stairways, doorways and elevators for a scratch-free moving of your large furniture.
Discover more about your new community. It is good to know important things before moving to the Gold Coast.
Start the packing process by putting seasonal clothes and other items into moving boxes.
• Contact your Gold Coast removalists and clear all your doubts.

4 Weeks Before Your Home Relocation

Finally, you have the one-month to wrap up your packing and moving chores in a streamlined manner. Make sure you complete the following tasks:

Take a parking permit for the moving day at least 4 weeks prior to your move. If you are moving on your own, arrange a rental moving truck after evaluating the number of belongings you are relocating.
Start packing your belongings, or you can hire professionals for the quality packing of large items and delicate belongings.
Collect all legal documents, such as birth certificates, passports, financial and medical records and keep it in one folder.
Purchase moving insurance to cover all your household belongings against the damage, theft and natural calamities during the move.
Transfer the utility services, such as electricity, water, internet, gas, etc to the new address.

2 Weeks Before the Moving Day

This is the time when you feel anxious because you are just 2 weeks away from your moving day. Make sure you eat well and keep yourself calm while performing the following tasks.

Take inventory of all your belongings.
Label your packed boxes using a permanent black marker.
Dispose of hazardous items, such as chemicals, flammables and other poisonous stuff.
Keep important documents, cash, debit and credit cards and cash in a personal bag or suitcase.
Clean your kitchen appliances, especially a fridge.
Prep meals for two weeks and use everything available in your freezer.

1 Week Moving Checklist

Make sure you finish your packing chores and other important tasks if you want to stay relaxed on a moving day.

Pack an essential moving-day kit containing clothes, a first-aid box, water bottles, snacks, and toiletries.
Pay the outstanding bills and rent.
Clear the clutter from your entryways.
Ensure everything is under-control by checking your packed boxes.


Home relocation is a challenging process, but you can streamline the process with the help of a weekly checklist shared above. Apart from this, make sure you hire the best removalists in Gold Coast for your much-loved household possessions.