What Are Common House Moving Costs?

What Are Common House Moving Costs?

Aug 26, 2022

Do you have to move homes soon and are getting anxious about the costs? Moving homes can be quite tiresome and expensive, but if you prepare in advance and stay organised during your move, you should be able to set the proper budget for your relocation.

Thus, it is essential to look at the common house moving costs and then decide whether you want to do it on your own or get help from professional removalists on Gold Coast.

1. Quantity Of Your Belongings

  • The first factor that affects your moving costs is the number of things you are packing and moving to your new home.
  • If you are hiring a professional removalist on Gold Coast to help you move, they will always estimate the cost after seeing the volume of your belongings.
  • These experts will also analyse how many boxes these items will take up and how much space they will take on the moving truck.
  • Based on these factors, they will provide you with an estimated moving cost.
  • If you decide to move on your own, you will have to hire a rental truck and estimate how much space your items will take on the truck to estimate the cost.
  • An excellent way to save money in this regard is to organise your things and throw away things that you have not used in a year.
  • If you find some things are in good condition but will be of no use in your new home, you should sell them in a garage sale and make some extra money.
  • You can also donate items to local charity bins that can’t be sold or thrown away to reduce the number of things you have to pack and move. This will help significantly reduce your moving costs.

2. Distance To Be Covered

Another factor affecting your moving costs is the distance you or your local removalists on Gold Coast will have to cover. If it is a local move, you can quickly move your items in no time on your own, in one or two trips.

However, if it is a long-distance move, you should hire professional removalists to load all your items in one go and unload it in your new home.

3. Date And Time Of The Relocation

If you move during the holidays or on the weekend, you will pay more as these are the busiest times to move. If you shift your moving day to a weekday during the off-season, you can get excellent discounts from your local moving service on Gold Coast. Make sure you call and book them in advance to get discounted rates and deals and deduct your moving expenses.

4. Insurance Coverage

If you are moving bulky furniture or fragile items on your own, there is a chance that they could get damaged or break, and you have to pay huge costs to repair them. To avoid this situation, you could get insurance coverage for these items before you move them.

You could also opt for a professional removalist service that has insurance coverage so that they will pay for the cost of any damaged item or replace it. They will have a basic and advanced plan, and the former covers only part of the costs of the damages while the latter covers the complete cost. Discuss this with your local movers in advance so you can choose the insurance plan and coverage you want for your items.

5. Worker’s Compensation

When you move with a local removalist service on Gold Coast, you must make sure they have worker’s compensation, or you will have to pay hefty hospital bills in case they get injured. Ask your removalists before hiring them if they have this coverage so that the company covers them.

6. Moving Supplies

  • If you are packing and moving your belongings on your own, you will have to factor in the costs of moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, boxes, moving platforms, dollies and rolling racks.
  • You can avoid some of these costs by packing your items with household materials like towels and linens.
  • However, loading your furniture and specialty items will require equipment like dollies and racks, or you will injure yourself.
  • You can also hire expert removalists on Gold Coast to load and unload your items in your new home, as they already have all the specialised equipment and tools, and you won’t have to spend money on these factors.

7. Accessibility Of The New Home

If your new home is in a narrow lane or is on the top floor of a high-rise building, you will have to pay extra to move your items. Quality removalists Gold Coast will charge you according to the accessibility of your new home, and it is recommended that you show them the area in advance so that they can add this cost to your estimate.


Moving homes on Gold Coast can be stressful, especially when it burns a hole in your pocket. You can avoid this situation by looking at the moving costs above, like liability insurance, moving supply costs, accessibility factors and more and planning your move accordingly. Set a budget and stick to it to move homes hassle-free.