What Is A Removalist Call-Out Fee? Moving Guide

What Is A Removalist Call-Out Fee? Moving Guide

Jun 29, 2023

A house move is a mentally, physically and financially draining process. It requires time, energy and effort, which is challenging when you have to complete a host of moving-related tasks along with your daily work.

Therefore, hiring professional removalists is a practical strategy to lighten your stress and moving burden. Many people assume professional removal is more expensive than DIY removals. However, if you find good removalists in Gold Coast with reasonable service charges and a clear call-out fee, you can manage the entire process economically.

Most people planning a move know about service charges but get surprised when professionals ask for a call-out fee. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining everything you must know about call-out fees. Have a look.

What is a Removalist Call-out Fee or Charge?

Call-out fee is not a unique concept only associated with removalists in Gold Coast. Most professionals offering services charge it to visit homes, and for the time they take out of their schedules to cater to your requirements.

A call-out fee is an amount you pay for their travel expenses, time and expertise. Thus, whether you are calling removalists to your home for a pre-move survey or a actual house removal, they can ask for a call-out fee.

What Factors Determine The Call-out Fee?

The average call-out fee of removalists in Gold Coast is $65 for a 1–4-bedroom house or apartment. This amount can increase or decrease depending on various factors outlined below. Knowing these factors will help you budget properly and avoid depleting your savings.

  • The complexity of the Move: Removalists have a standard call-out fee for most house removals. However, if it is a complex move that requires extra time and resources, expect the fee to increase.
  • Distance: It is a no-brainer that the more the travel distance, the higher the call-out fee. Expect local moves to cost less than long-distance moves. Additionally, don’t be surprised if removalists ask for a call-out fee of $85 or more for interstate moves.
  • The scale of the Move: the packing and moving load affect the moving costs significantly, which is why if the scale of a move is small, the call-out charge is less, but if the scale is big, the charge increases.
  • Property Accessibility: House moves are easier than apartment moves because there are fewer stairs, pathways, corridors and storeys. Therefore, the accessibility of your current and new property determines the removalist of the call-out fee.
  • Additional Assistance: If you need additional assistance for moving rare items, heavy furniture, or something else, expect the removalists to increase their service and call-out fee.

How to Know Removalists Call-out Fee?

Professional removalists in Gold Coast can provide an instant quote based on the basic information you share about your move. It can include the removalist call-out fee, but if it doesn’t, you can request a detailed no-obligation quote and specifically ask if it will outline the fee. The removalists can conduct a pre-move survey and then disclose or ask for the call-out fee before coming to your property.

Call-out charges are variable, meaning not all removalists have the same fee. Therefore, you must get in touch with several removalists to know their call-out fees and service charges to select the most affordable professionals. You can look for local removalists for a lower call-out fee or get references from near and dear ones who have recently moved to get a bargain.

Tips to Negotiate Call-out Fee

Since the call-out fees are not fixed charges, you can negotiate with removalists to lower them. To negotiate effectively, research and learn about the call-out charges removalists in your area are charging.

Compare the charges and contact professionals who offer removal services in Gold Coast at competitive prices. Aim to hire removalists who maintain their quality even when providing their services at competitive rates. In addition, use the following tips to minimise the call-out charges.

  • Go for removalists you have hired before if it is not your first time moving house. If you have a rapport with a moving company, it can be beneficial to bring down the entire moving cost.
  • Avoid relocating during peak moving seasons because call-out charges and service rates are higher.
  • However, sometimes choosing the right time to move is not in your hands. Under such circumstances, hire professional removalists in Gold Coast as early as possible to beat the competition and get early bird discounts.

Wrapping Up

A house move is a challenging time for every person who is involved in the process. It is also financially taxing, which is why you must create a tight, moving budget. Also, you must keep everything in mind about the removalist call-out fee mentioned above to save money and get a good deal when hiring professionals for house removals.