What Is Backloading When It Comes To Furniture Removals?

What Is Backloading When It Comes To Furniture Removals?

Jan 18, 2023

Are you moving to the most liveable city in Queensland, i.e Gold Coast? It is home to over half a million residents, making it the 6th largest city in Australia. The population is expected to reach one million people by 2050. People have been relocating to this beautiful place to live, work and raise a family. However, moving large furniture and other household belongings from one state to another is expensive.

If you are running on a tight budget, look for an affordable option that can keep your possessions intact. Many removal companies offer backloading options to transport your items most affordably.

Backloading is a cost-effective moving option where your furniture items are loaded onto an empty truck that is returning to the point/location it originally came from. You will only pay for the space your items acquire on the truck. 

Make sure you narrow down your research and book the most trusted Gold Coast Removalists for your expensive household furniture. Here is a complete guide on backloading and why it is an inexpensive and ideal option for furniture removals.

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Backloading: An Affordable Interstate Moving Option

It is one of the most overlooked terms when hiring a moving company for your household belongings due to its lower cost.

In layman’s terms, backloading is when a removal company loads a truck returning from a job. Rather than sending an empty vehicle interstate, the company will only load it with another move and charge for the occupied space.

This is one of the ideal options if you have large furniture pieces or fewer items to relocate. You don’t have to book an entire vehicle. Look for the backloading service and use the space you need for your couch, piano table, pool table etc.

You can plan a flawless moving day by creating a customised checklist in advance. Pack your possessions using quality supplies and label all your boxes for your peace of mind.

Benefits of Backloading

Here are key advantages that you can leverage when choosing this option for your home relocation:

1. It is Super-Affordable

A moving budget is vital when choosing the best removals in Gold Coast. If you want to relocate large furniture within an estimated budget, choose to backload. It is the best way to choose because it is a cost-effective moving option for local and interstate journeys.

You can save money because you only pay for the space your furniture occupies. Plus, the companies would prefer that the vehicle have something in it instead of nothing.

2. Available on Short Notice

One of the key advantages of this moving option is that companies can schedule a trip on short notice because the moving truck is already in the right place/location.

Meanwhile, you can do key things before moving into a new house, such as setting up utility services, child proofing a house, changing all locks,etc.

3. Easy to Relocate Furniture

Instead of doing it yourself, you can opt for this service and get the full-service moving benefit. This means your furniture will get the same level of care, packing and precision as premium relocation. Professionals will take care of your items throughout the journey without causing any damage.

Backloading is also better for the environment because it reduces fuel consumption and pollution. A truck will return to its previous destination, and you can fill the space with your items- saving money and the environment.

Disadvantages of Backloading Service

It has the limitation of being less flexible and taking longer when relocating your furniture. Because you will be sharing the truck, you cannot choose when the truck picks up and drop off your possessions.

If you don’t need your possessions at a particular date or time, then backloading is the perfect and most affordable option for your furniture removals in Gold Coast.

Important Things to Remember About Backloading

  • Backloading is affordable on long distance or interstate moves but can still be used on shorter or local moves. You can also calculate the common house moving costs to know your estimated budget and plan things accordingly.
  • This is the best option if you want to pack a studio apartment or a 1 o 2-bedroom unit.
  • You can share moving truck space with another customer if you choose this option.
  • A good company will label and prepare a complete inventory of your belongings and boxes to ensure that they do not get mixed up with other’s items on the same truck.
  • All your household items and furniture will receive the same level of care. Stay away from a scam because some may impose hidden fees in the middle of the process.
  • You need to be flexible about your relocation day and time. In a simple term, if you have the flexibility to relocate when the vehicle is passing through your location, opt for a backloading service and save extra bucks.
  • You make a consumer complaint if your items are delivered to the wrong city or location..


Backloading is one of the most effective and affordable options when relocating furniture. Make sure you pack and label your boxes before loading your items onto the sharing truck. This will keep your items intact throughout the journey.