What Is The Best Way To Pack Books For Moving?

What Is The Best Way To Pack Books For Moving?

Jul 19, 2023

Do you have to start packing your belongings for a move and don’t know where to start? Besides your non-essential and seasonal items, you should also start packing and organising your books. While books might not seem difficult to pack, they can add weight to boxes and cause back pain and injuries. 

Thus, it is important that you not only use the right boxes for your books but also pack them properly and keep them manageable.

You can also ask your removalists in Gold Coast for help packing your books, as these experts have experience packing all sorts of items in your home. Here are some useful tips to help you pack your books in the best way possible: 

Tips For Packing Your Books For A House Move 

1. Donate And Sell Books That You No Longer Need

One of the toughest things to do for a book lover is to get rid of and part with their precious collections. But when you are moving homes, these collections can not only take up a lot of boxes but can also add to the weight of your items and your moving costs.

Thus, it is best to sit and review your books and separate ones that you rarely read, wouldn’t read again, and books you have outgrown.

You can donate these books to a library or a church or sell them at a yard sale. If you feel bad about parting with these books, you can give them as gifts to your loved ones so that you can always borrow them when needed.


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2. Gather Sturdy And Small Moving Boxes

Once you have your final list of books, make an inventory and start arranging your moving boxes. While it is more eco-friendly and sustainable to use second-hand boxes, you must ensure they are in top-notch condition to pack your books. Torn or damaged boxes might collapse under the pressure of heavy books.

Thus, you should ask your bookstore for boxes as they will have the perfect quality and right-sized second-hand boxes for your books. Removalists on the Gold Coast also recommend arranging several small boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, labels, markers, acid-wrap paper and cardboard pieces.


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3. Arrange Your Books By Shape And Size

Before packing your boxes, you must arrange your books by shape and size to pack the same-sized books in one box. You can first separate hardcover and paperback books and then arrange them in size order. Next, place the same-sized books in your boxes to be easier to carry and prevent back injuries.

4. Place Books Upward And In Horizontal Positions

When packing similar-sized books, you must place them either upward  with their spine towards the sides or flat down and neatly stacked. Removalists on the Gold Coast suggest the following tips to go about this process:

  • First, line the boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap for protection.
  • Next, place hardcover books upwards with the spines facing the sides of the box.
  • For precious hardcover books, you can pack them with acid-wrapping paper so that the edges do not clash.
  • You can also place cardboard sheets between the books to prevent them from rubbing against each other and getting warped.
  • You must place paperback books flat in the box with the spines towards the sides and then place bubble wrap or paper between them to keep the books safe.


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5. Fill Gaps In The Boxes With Bubble Wrap

It is also important to fill any gaps in your boxes with bubble wrap, packing paper, towels, and linens. This will prevent the books from shifting around while in transit and keep their spines intact.

You should also not pack the books too tightly as they can be hard to unpack. Keep only two to three oversized books, like photo albums, in one box. It will be easier for your removalists on the Gold Coast to carry five small-sized boxes rather than two heavy boxes filled with books.


Always keep the weight of your boxes below 35-40 pounds to prevent back injuries.

6. Tape The Boxes And Label Them

Once you have packed your books properly, tape the bottom seam of the box to add an extra layer of protection. Then seal the top seam twice and go along the sides and corners.

Next, label the box with “Books”, and you can also write which way you have packed them, like “ Books this way up” with arrows. For more delicate and antique books, write “Fragile” on the box and mention their weight if needed.

7. Store Books In A Cool And Dry Storage Unit

If you plan on keeping your books in a storage unit, it is best to use a cool, dry and temperature-controlled storage unit to prevent warping and damage.

Use acid-wrapping paper to line the boxes, as they will not turn yellow over time and protect your books from moisture and condensation. You can also ask your professional removalists on the Gold Coast if they provide storage facilities where you can store your books in safe units till you need to unload them.


The above tips will help you store and pack your books for the move and keep them safe from damage. Remember to keep a book or two in your survival kit so you can read them while on the move. You should also try unpacking your books as soon as possible to free up more space and boxes.