What Is The Easiest Way To Move House?

What Is The Easiest Way To Move House?

Dec 16, 2022

Moving house, irrespective of distance, is tiring because you have to box all your belongings and move them without damage or misplacement. This process is always challenging even if you have relocated before, which is the case with most Australians because the country’s housing mobility is high, with 40% of Australians moving at least once in the last five years.

Therefore, it is common to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to reduce moving stress and anxiety disorder. But, is it the easiest way to move house? Read on to find out how you can relocate without hassle.

Hire a full-service moving company

Often people hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to handle and move their property’s contents completely. They avail a full moving service where the removalists take care of the following responsibilities and more.

  • Conduct a pre-move survey to create an inventory & provide a realistic moving estimate.
  • Disassemble furniture and large electronics
  • Pack everything listed in the inventory
  • Move boxes and other items to the garage or yard
  • Label boxes correctly
  • Load the moving truck strategically to avoid mishaps & make unloading smooth.
  • Transport your belongings and deliver them on time to the new house.
  • Unload the moving truck, unpack & set up the house as per instructions.
  • Reassemble and organise furniture.
  • Remove moving boxes and other packing trash from the premises.

For long-distance or interstate moves, full-service moving companies in Gold Coast also offer storage facilities, backloading options and more assistance.

While it is the most stress-free way to move, it is also the most expensive. Professional removalists in Gold Coast can charge you up to $3000 for a local move and up to $8000 for an interstate move. Therefore, this option is only viable when you have the capital to pay for a full-moving service without facing financial distress.

How To Make Your House Move Easy?

Don’t stress if you cannot afford a full-moving service in Gold Coast. You can still handle a house move smoothly. Follow the tips below to ease your moving stress and have a memorable experience.

Pare Down Aggressively

The fewer things you have to move, the less packing and handling hassle you face. Therefore, aim to start decluttering at least four weeks before packing. Pare down aggressively to only keep things you really need and have space for in your new home.

You can give away sentimental items to near and dear ones. Also, you can donate things to a local charity and host a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.

During this process, downsize as well by getting rid of furniture, duplicate items, artwork and home décor items unfit for the new home. If giving up these items is challenging, keep them safe in a storage unit.

Keep A Moving Journal

Documenting your move helps organise tasks, budget and set deadlines. Here are things your journal should have.

  • The house moving checklist
  • Details of removalists in Gold Coast you want to book or have booked.
  • Important address, contact numbers, and other information.
  • Payment details and up-to-date spending information
  • Any other relevant information you want to remember.

Start Packing Early & Set A Moving Plan

You must start packing immediately after the moving date is set. Also, create your moving plan by exploring options like hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast for moving things, renting a storage container to move at your own pace, availing a service for back loading etc.

Since most professional removalists Gold Coast offer versatile solutions, you can customise a relocation plan to get professional services within your budget and handle other things yourself without stress.

Decide the moving plan as soon as you finalise the move, whether you want to handle the relocation yourself or partially take the assistance of professionals.

Be Ready to Move on the D-Day

Surprise inventory, unfinished packing, injuries and other moving problems can delay your move and cause stress. To avoid them, plan meticulously and ensure you’re ready to relocate on the moving day. Make sure everything is packed and loaded on the moving truck, your personal vehicle has every household member’s essentials, and you are mentally ready to go to the new house.

If you have hired professional removalists in Gold Coast, reconfirm booking a week before the moving day. Also, keep tabs on their arrival time, get a parking permit and ensure everything is on track.


Moving house is challenging and daunting for most homeowners/renters. It takes a toll on you mentally, physically and financially. Therefore, hire a full-moving service to handle your relocation completely if you can. Alternatively, use the tips above to make your move extremely easy and go to your new home without stress, anxiety or hassle.