What Is The Most Efficient Way To Pack For A Move?

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Pack For A Move?

Mar 05, 2021

People often procrastinate packing and do it in a rush just before moving or spend weeks doing it while delaying other important tasks. Neither of these ways of packing property contents is efficient or hassle-free. Since most tenants are pressed for time and need to keep things on track, it is best to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage the packing and transportation of your property contents.

With professional assistance, these tasks are easily and comfortably manageable. However, if you want to pack yourself, here is a complete guide by experts outlining tips for the most efficient way to pack for a move. Have a look.

Sort Your Belongings

Packing everything on your own is a challenge, especially if you have lived in a house for years, which is why it is imperative to sort your belongings before starting the packing process.

Decluttering is a useful method of dividing things you have into four categories – discard, donate, resell, and pack. Make sure you only pack things you really want at the new house, and the rest of the things should be responsibly disposed of, donated, or sold in a garage sale.

Try to sort your things and pack them at least two weeks before the day your hired removalists in Gold Coast will arrive and load the boxes in the moving truck.

Pack Room by Room

Always pack things according to rooms to complete the process comfortably and make it easy for your hired removalists in Gold Coast to know which room the boxes should be kept in at the time of unloading. Other benefits of packing room by room are listed below.

• Helps label the boxes without any hassle.
• You can unpack items of important rooms like the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom first when you move into the new house.
• The packing load is shared as every household member can pack things in his/her room individually.
• It is easier and faster to create an inventory when you pack room by room.

Pack Things According to Importance and Usage

Many things in your house are not of daily use and should be packed first. The things you use regularly and frequently should be packed last. This technique ensures you can complete moving-related tasks while living comfortably until you relocate.

For example, you can pack clothes, footwear, utensils, appliances, and other household items you occasionally use first than those you wear or use in daily life. Even professional removalists in Gold Coast pack things according to importance and usage after discussing the inventory with clients.

Label Boxes Correctly

Labelling all the boxes is crucial to help identify the contents and load them on the moving truck properly. For example, you can label the boxes with delicate items as ‘Fragile’ to help your hired removalists in Gold Coast know that these boxes need to be handled with care.

You can also label boxes as kitchen, bathroom, living room etc. and stick smaller labels to further segregate them into subcategories like crockery, accessories, gadgets, and more. What’s more, get coloured labels for easy categorisation and identification of the boxes’ contents.

Keep Packing Supplies Handy

Be prepared for the process of packing by keeping the supplies on hand. It will prevent you from running around for things and hampering your productivity. Here is a list of things you should have before you start wrapping your belongings.

• Boxes of different sizes
• Cell dividers and moulds
• Bubble and foam wraps
• Wrapping sheets
• Extra-strength packing tape
• Labels
• Marker pens
• Scissors and cutting blade
• Newspaper, packing peanuts, shredded paper etc.

Be Creative with Packing Materials

Don’t spend a ton of money on getting supplies as you can use old blankets, newspaper, pillowcases, sheets, clothes, and various other household things for packing. Be creative with packing to save money and time. You can wrap items in blankets and towels, especially delicate ones, to avoid scratches and cushion them while they are loaded/unloaded and stored on the moving trucks.

Packing with household items is a blessing in disguise because you don’t have to waste time buying or arranging for packing materials.

Dedicate a Space for Packing

Give yourself and family members room to work without getting constricted or suffocated by the boxes, wrapping sheets, and other packing supplies. Choose an open space in your house to pack without any hassle and keep the boxes away from everyone’s way. After you close a box, label it correctly, and store it in a room to help your hired removalists in Gold Coast find them and load on the moving truck without any problems.

People with small children should pack in a room that can be locked, and you should keep it shut when an adult is not in the room. Also, ensure the boxes with heavier items are never stacked above boxes with light or delicate items.

The Bottom Line

Contrary to popular belief, packing can be managed comfortably and without any kind of stress, if you are proactive, prepared and use the right techniques. In case you are moving, use this guide to pack your belongings in the most efficient way and be prepared for moving day when your hired removalists in Gold Coast arrive for loading and transporting the boxes.