What Not To Pack When Moving?

What Not To Pack When Moving?

Jul 18, 2022

Packing is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the relocation process. Therefore, people often look for tips or guidance to pack their things perfectly. However, you may be surprised to learn that it is also essential to pay attention to what you should not pack during the relocation.

Not knowing about such things can cause problems and elevate your stress level during and after the move. If you want to reduce your stress and prevent any accidents, focus on the essential aspects of moving, like packing.

You should always keep certain things close to you as they are valuable, while other things can be dangerous to pack and can cause damage. So, before you start packing, make a list of all the things that you should not pack and find an alternative way.

Many people prefer to hire professional removalists Gold Coast because they know what to pack and what not to pack. However, if you are packing yourself, you need a little knowledge about such items.

Here is a list of items that you should not pack when moving.

Perishable Items:

When moving, you shouldn’t pack perishables. Find another mode of transportation or get rid of them. Always keep in mind that containers could break, and the bags can leak during loading and shipping.

Sealed and dry food are comparatively easier to move, but you should also try to avoid them. Anything that isn’t suitable for moving should go to a nearby food bank to prevent mishaps.


Although your removals company in Gold Coast will handle your costly valuables and things with sentimental value with the utmost care, there are some valuables that are better off not being packed in a moving box.

Instead, you should keep them in a more secure place to move with you. It is one of the most efficient way to pack for a move. Regardless of how dependable your moving company is, accidents can still occur, and some things are irreplaceable.

  • Moving paperwork
  • Photographs and Video Tapes
  • Wills
  • Financial documents and records
  • School and Medical records
  • Car keys
  • Birth certificates and other identification
  • Laptops, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Special jewellery, collectibles and antiques,
  • Cash


It is advisable not to pack your plants. Some states don’t allow some plant species plants to cross the state border, so a professional moving company in Gold Coast might not be able to transport them for you.

If you are moving locally, then ask the moving company if they can move plants. It is essential to know if the professionals can move the plants in one day because you don’t want to keep them in the dark without water for more than a day!

Unnecessary Items: Make a list of the furniture, appliances, and items you won’t need in your new house. Packing and moving such items can be a waste of time and energy so make sure you do not pack them. You can get rid of them by selling them in your garage sale or donating them.

Whether you are following a DIY move or hiring seasoned Gold Coast removalists, removing excess items is one of the best tips to lighten your load before you pack for a move.


If you want to complete your move safely, make sure you do not pack any flammables. There are several things in a house that come under this category, so you must find the items and keep them aside.

You can talk to the local hazardous waste organization in your community about how to dispose of these items properly. The local fire department can also help you in this matter. The following items are flammable, and you should get rid of them.

  • Lighter fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Acid
  • Paint and paint thinner
  • Aerosols
  • Car batteries and other batteries
  • Pool chemicals
  • Charcoal and propane
  • Kerosene
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Fertilizer and insecticide


You should not have explosive items like firearms, guns, fireworks, explosives, etc. However, if you do, it is advisable not to pack them. Instead, talk to your local police department, and they will give you they will give you the correct guidance. Different states and cities follow different firearms policy do moving them won’t be a good idea.

Moreover, if you have kids, don’t leave such things unattended under any circumstances. The little ones usually get very curious during the relocation, and the last thing you want on moving day is an accident. You must handle such things carefully to ensure the safety of your kids.

The Bottom Line

If you want to ensure the safety of your belongings and experience a smooth relocation, then you need to focus on your packing process. So the next time you decide to relocate, make sure that you do not pack the items mentioned above.

If you want to avoid the stress and hassles of packing belongings, contact the trained removalists Gold Coast and opt for end-to-end service.