What Preparations You Need To Do Before The Movers Arrive?

What Preparations You Need To Do Before The Movers Arrive?

Jul 17, 2020

Preparation is what that can save you from last-minute chaos, especially if you are moving for the first time. Relocating a house is one of the tedious processes because you have to prepare all your belongings in a safe and timely manner.

You need to plan everything for the big change- from arranging packaging supplies to hiring the best removalists in Gold Coast. Time plays a crucial role in determining the success of your move. It is good to begin the process at least 8 weeks before your final moving day.

Apart from creating a moving budget and taking care of important paperwork, there are some tasks you need to complete before the movers arrive.

Here are some key tips that will help you prepare your house, precious belongings, your family and yourself before Gold Coast Removalists arrive to ensure a safe and sound experience.

1. Get Rid Of Clutter

Sorting out household belongings and purging unnecessary or unwanted items is a time-taking task. It needs to be done at least two months before your moving day. This will give you enough time to donate or sell those items you no longer need.

On the contrary, making decisions about the fate of your belongings at the last moment will only create chaos and frustration. It can delay the entire process and increase your final moving cost. That’s why it is good to organise your items and decide what to do with them ahead of time. Below are some quick tips that will give you better clarity:

• Divide all your unwanted belongings into three categories: Donate, Sell and Toss.
• Throw away expired, broken, damaged and worn out belongings such as furniture, cleaning equipment, outdated electronics, old clothing etc.
• Donate items that are good in condition to the local charity in the Gold Coast.
• Organise a garage sale and earn some extra money for your relocation.
• Consume perishable food by preparing meals and delicious recipes.
• Make sure you do proper disposal of dangerous items such as fertilisers, paints, motor oils, chemical-based cleaning agents and other explosive and flammable items.

Tip: Ask your movers to provide you with a list of items that can’t be moved so that you can get rid of time before time.

2. Prepare Belongings for a Move

It is good to organise all your household belongings before your movers arrive. After purging out unwanted items, make a list of belongings you want to move. Make decisions on the fate of your heavy items, such as upholstery, pool table, dressing table depending on the size of your new house.

Make sure your new house has enough space to accommodate everything that you want to take along with you. Creating floor plans is a great way to decide what to take and what to leave before the final move out.

3. Create an Inventory List

Once you have decided what you are taking along with you to your new house, create a comprehensive inventory list of belongings you are handing over to your movers. Have a look at some pro tips:

• Write down important information about each and every packed item that will be loaded onto the moving truck.
• Number of items, type, material, serial number, estimated value, etc should be mentioned in the list.
• Describe the current condition in detail.
• It is good to click photos before packing them so that you can get the best value if anything gets damaged in the middle of the lifting process.
• Attach maintenance receipts, warranties and authenticity certificates.

Having an inventory list won’t only help you get a precise estimate but also save you time and money. It will help you decide the value of your possessions and let you choose the best valuation protection plan.

4. Clean your Belongings/ Prepare Electronic Appliances

Make sure every item in your current house is fully prepared before the arrival of your removalists. There will be no fun in unpacking dirty and greasy appliances, dirty furniture and stained carpet in your new house. Plus, mould, moisture and dirt can damage your belongings during the moving process, especially in long-distance ones. So, before your team of moving experts come, you are advised to:

• Wipe off furniture and other belongings.
• Remove stains from surfaces
• Remove the batteries from electronic devices
• Degrease your grimy oven, microwave, BBQ and dishwashing machine using vinegar, warm water and baking soda.
• Empty your refrigerator and clean inside and out
• Do not forget to drain the fuel out of your lawn-mower and other tools.
• Strip sofas, chairs, beds, cushions and table covers.

Disinfect high-touch areas of your house if you are moving in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic. Use cleaning products and disinfecting wipes that contain at least 70 % alcohol to kill harmful germs and viruses.

5. DIY Packing or Hire Professionals

If you want to protect your household belongings throughout the process, then you have to pack them using high-quality materials. In the DIY packing process, make sure you arrange all the necessary moving supplies on time. Arrange packing tape, packing paper, packing peanuts, different sizes of moving boxes, bubble wraps, blankets and other cushioning supplies.

It is important to give the best possible protection to your precious possessions and label the boxes for an organised room. If you are not sure about your packing skills, ask your removal company to offer you high-quality packing service. They will come fully-equipped with all the materials and wrap your items with extreme care.

6. Reserve a Parking Space

Parking regulations may vary from city to city. Therefore, it is good to reserve a parking space for your moving truck on the final moving day. Take permits if required, and park it as close as possible. Since it is a large vehicle, plan everything ahead to avoid obstacles.


These are some few things you need to do before the removalists in Gold Coast arrive on the final day. Make sure you have everything handy- like your inventory list and other important documents to ensure a safe and stress-free move.