What To Expect When Moving To A Different City?
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What To Expect When Moving To A Different City?

May 30, 2018

Interstate moves are always risky, time-consuming and complicated. No matter how early you prepare your move, the expectations of shifting to a different city will always remain high. Of course, it is good to create strategies for your big day, but expecting high won’t lead you towards a successful move.

You have to think within your reach and create a moving plan accordingly, including your budget. For example, if you are moving from Sydney to Gold Coast, you have to calculate everything – from a distance between two cities, moving cost, weigh of your belongings, infrastructure facilities in Gold Coast and a lot more. Plus, you have to take care of your belongings because the journey would be long and your items need extra attention.

So, it is better to hire professional interstate removalists in Gold Coast who can assist you throughout your interstate moving journey and make your move a stress-free one.

But, still, you need to work on your strategies if you want to ensure stress-free, engaging and smooth interstate moving experience. To make your work a bit easier, we have categorised our moving process into three stages. This will help you create better planning for your big moving chore.
Let’s get started!

Before you Move/ Pre-moving Preparations

There is no use of jumping into the interstate moving process until you have prepared yourself for your big day. Relocating to a new city itself is a huge decision that needs time for planning and preparation for smooth execution.
Since you are moving from Sydney to Gold Coast, make sure you create a pre-moving checklist so that you can perform your work accordingly. In this phase, you can consider the following things:

Notify your landlord

Before leaving out your rented property, make sure you notify your landlord so that you will get enough time for a bond cleaning to secure your bond amount. Make sure you hire a professional bond cleaning company in Sydney that can help you in getting your leased property cleaned thoroughly.
Tip: Hire a cleaning company before the final inspection by your landlord or agent manager.

Inform your utility companies

Don’t forget to notify your utility companies in Gold Coast and Sydney like electricity, water and gas about your move. Provide them precise shut-off date and give them a forwarding address for possible refunds. Also, inform your banks, magazine and newspaper companies a month before your move.

Look for a reliable moving company

DIY moving can be overwhelming for interstate moves. If you are moving from one state to another, then it is always better to hire a reliable moving company. Choose an experienced Sydney to Gold Coast Removalist Company who can pack and move your valuable possessions to the new city with a zero damage guarantee.
Make sure you choose a company that has:

  • Years of Experience in interstate moves
  • A team of fully-trained movers
  • Comprehensive packing solutions
  • A fleet of advanced moving trucks
  • A safe and secure removal guarantee, and
  • Customer Support.

Do your part of research and find your choice of moving partners within your estimated budget.

Get rid of unwanted stuff

Reduce the moving cost of your interstate move by getting rid of those items that are no longer in use. You can sell them online or donate to the charity if they are in good condition. But the idea here is to carry as less as possible for a long-distance move.

Start your packing

Yes, you should begin your packing process around two weeks before your move. First, pack the items you don’t use frequently. Make sure you use quality packing materials and moving boxes for the safe and secure removal process. Since they are moving to the new city, pack them properly.
It is good to hire a Removalists Company in Gold Coast that can offer you professional and high-quality packing solutions at the best price.

Forward Medical Records

Schedule a date so that you can send all your medical records to new health-care providers or obtain the copy of all the records.

During a Move

Are you prepared for your big day? If you have followed the pre-moving tips carefully, you will definitely experience smooth and hassle-free move. All you need to do is to consider the following tips during your interstate relocation:

Verify your moving partner

Ensure that the moving truck that is parked outside your house is from the company you hired. Also, verify the team of removalists came to your place. Check every single detail and talk to them before handing over your household possessions.
Tip: Never skip this step, especially if you are moving to the different state or city. Check the authenticity of the company before getting into the process.

Cross-check the list of inventory

For smooth relocation, make sure you cross-check the list of items that you will be moving to the new residence. This is an important step as it will help you know what you have loaded on the truck. So, re-check your belongings before the final move out.

Moving heavy furniture

Assist your moving partners in packing and loading your heavy furniture. Since they are professionals, you don’t have to look much. Just make sure they won’t break anything. However, hiring professional removals company won’t let you worry about these chores. You can sit back and relax when you hire highly-experienced and fully-trained Sydney to Gold Coast Removalist Company.

After the Move

The real challenge begins when you moved into your new residence. Most of the people think that it is the hardest part of the relocation process, but you can simplify it by considering the following aspects:

Check all moving boxes and furniture

Don’t forget to check all the boxes and furniture to ensure nothing was broken or damaged during the move. You can cross-check all your items with the list of inventory you created during the pre-moving phase.

Install your utilities up

When you arrive at your new house, make sure you set your utilities such as electricity, internet, and telephone services up as soon as possible.

Make your kids comfortable

Involve your kids in decorating your house. Encourage them to set up their room and meet new people around you. This is one of the best ways to keep them busy when they arrive at the new place.

Find a good school

Make sure you find a good school for your kids. The sooner you can register your kid, the sooner they can settle in the new environment.

Explore local market

Settling down in a new city is not an easy thing. You need time to take a tour around your neighbourhood. So, take some time out of your schedule and explore the local market, hospitals, hotels, supermarket, shopping malls, and transportation connectivity around your locality.


Moving to the Gold Coast from Sydney can be overwhelming in terms of money, stress and physical efforts. If you want to simplify your interstate move, you should hire a reliable moving Company like Better Removalists Gold Coast, that can give you safe and secure removal guarantee with 100 % client satisfaction