What Type Of Removalists Do You Need?
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What Type Of Removalists Do You Need?

Aug 28, 2019

People often get confused with the type of removalists they require to complete the relocation process. The choice of the professionals you choose depends on various factors such as availability of time, number of belongings, the size of the property, and most importantly, your budget!

There are four types of removalists in Gold Coast people usually look for – End to End Removalists, Loading Removalists, Specialised Removalists and Truck Rental Removalists.

The best way to deal with this problem of choosing one is to start your research as soon as you finalise the moving date. The more time you will get, it will be easy for you to identify your specific requirements. As per your requirement and the budget, you can opt for either one of the four.

All these different types of removalists are beneficial in their own way. Some will save your money, some will save time, while others will save the effort. But all of them will reduce the load and stress related to the moving process.

In this post, all these options have been explained in detail. Let’s read one by one.

1. End-to-End Removalists

If you want to save your time and effort, this is the type of removalists you will need. They will do everything – from packing, loading, and transportation to unloading and unpacking your goods.

Needless to say, this is a dream service for many because it gives you time to relax and focus on other aspects of moving like utility transfer, bond cleaning, taking care of your children, etc at the time of end of tenancy.

Most families require this type of removalists during the moving process because the experienced professionals take care of every single thing to make sure their client gets the result they are looking for.

They not only keep your belongings safe but also organised, which is essential in a complicated process like moving. You might be spending more by opting for this type of removalists, but the best thing is that you know what exactly you are getting for your money.

2. Loading Removalists

Some people feel their belongings will be safe and organised if they get involved in the process. This type of removalist is ideal for such people. In this process, you take care of the entire packing of your goods.

The removalists in Gold Coast will load all your belongings, transport, and unload them at your new place. Many people choose this option because it facilitates them to organise and pack their belongings in their own way.

And this allows them to keep track of all their goods. If you have a helping hand like a close friend or a family member, packing your thing will become much easier and quicker.

3. Specialised Removalists

As the name suggests, these removalists in Gold Coast have expertise in packing, loading and transporting special items in a safe and hassle-free manner. These professionals are ideal for those items that require special care such as automobiles, wine collections, antiques, works of art, pool tables, pianos, and so on.

You should be aware of the fact that not every removalist has the ability to handle the expensive and delicate items. Thus, this type of removalist has its own importance.

You must discuss with the removals company if you need specialised removalists apart from the regular professionals. You might have to pay more to these specialised removalists, but in return, you get the security of your expensive and delicate belongings.

4. Truck Rental Removalists

If you are moving on your own, the biggest challenge you will face is the transportation of your goods. If you have a helping hand for packing and loading the items, hiring a moving truck can solve the problem to a great extent. And several removalists in Gold Coast provide vehicles on rent.

Moving truck is beneficial in transporting heavy and expensive furniture and appliances. Many companies also provide drivers with standard driver’s licence.

You can also save a lot of amount by moving yourself. Moving truck rental is perhaps the best option if you are looking for a convenient, cost-effective and flexible solution for your DIY moving process.

This option reduces some burden of moving but provides you with complete control over your move. For many, this is the definition of an ideal move.


It is no secret that the moving process is challenging and stressful. But no matter how much stress you have, it is essential to carefully consider what type of Gold Coast Removalists you choose.

Always remember that the cheaper option is not always a better option. It means putting more effort at your end and your large and expensive belongings at risk. Thus, choose your options wisely to make your moving process as easy and effortless as possible.