Where Can You Donate In Gold Coast? Furniture, Clothes & More

Where Can You Donate In Gold Coast? Furniture, Clothes & More

Mar 09, 2023

Donating personal belongings and household items when moving house is a practical solution. It helps get rid of unwanted items and reduces the moving cost. You can save tax because donations are tax deductible.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that 4.34 million Australian taxpayers made & claimed tax-deductible donations. What’s more, the act is benevolent because it helps the community. A house move is the best time to donate as you have to declutter to reduce the moving load for cheap removalists Gold Coast. You can get rid of items that are in your house for months and even years but serve no purpose.

However, people often don’t know where to give away the things after paring them down. Donating is only worthwhile when you send the things to credible organisations. Thus, listed below are charities and not-for-profit organisations in Gold Coast where you can donate furniture, clothes and more.

Have a look.

Australian Red Cross

The Red Cross is a worldwide organisation dedicated to helping people in need across the globe. Therefore, you can give away things to the Australian Red Cross Shops, where they sell good quality clothes, shoes, homeware, linens and more.

These shops help generate money for disadvantaged Australians and fund programs. You can easily find a shop near you or drop the things at the charity bins at the City of Gold Coast waste and recycling centres. Thus, you can deliver the goods before booking Gold Coast removalists and packing.

Endeavour Foundation

This organisation is dedicated to helping people with disabilities live better lives. They allow these people to explore and realise their potential.

There are multiple ways you can get involved with this foundation, but one of the best ways is to donate goods when moving house. Endeavour Foundation is a member of Charitable Recycling Australia (CRA) and supports the reuse and recycling of things.

Therefore, it has various shops where they sell household items, furniture, books, toys, clothes, sports equipment and much more. To donate here, you need to contact your nearest transfer stations. Like the Australian Red Cross, Endeavour Foundation also has charity bins at the city’s waste and recycling centres.

The Salvos Stores

The Salvation Army is a well-known charity that has been operating since 1865. The Australian Salvation Army helps people in the country by generating funds, running programs, hosting charity events and operating the Salvos Stores.

If you want to donate items, then reach out to your nearest store to deliver the goods or arrange a pick-up (if the store offers the service). These stores take clothes, furniture, homeware, electrical goods, toys, and more.

The items must be in good condition and appropriate for all ages. Plan to move and your donations in advance to avoid the hassle of packing and booking Gold Coast removalists after you have disposed of unwanted things.

The Vinnies Shops

The St Vincent de Paul Society is another prestigious and reckoned charity that has been operating for the past 170 years. It helps people facing problems like low income, homelessness, asylum seeking, health problems, disabilities and more.

The organisation takes used and pre-loved goods through its op shops which are spread across Gold Coast. You can easily find a Vinnies Shop near you and drop clothes, furniture, homeware, toys, electrical items, books, and more.

Some of the Vinnies Shops can arrange pick-up, and you must call them to arrange it. However, even if a pick-up is not available, make sure to plan a drop-off before you hire professional Gold Coast removalists to lessen your moving load and the overall house removal cost.

Lifeline Queensland

Like the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Society, Lifeline Queensland has over 120 shops across the state. You can donate clothing, bric-a-brac, furniture and lots more to these stores when moving house to reduce waste.

They earn well and generate funds for their charitable programs and help give these things a second life and prevent them from ending up in landfills. You can drop off items in person by finding your nearest Lifeline op shop.

You can also arrange a pick-up if you have bulky furniture donations and excessive clothes or books to give away. This option works the best because you have time to take care of other moving tasks like booking Gold Coast Removalist, changing your address, setting utilities etc. Lastly, you can drop the items at a local donation hub or bin if the items are few and can easily fit inside the bins.

They also have a team of enthusiastic volunteers and staff who work tirelessly and can provide aid, comfort and care during times of emergencies. If you don’t have time to drop off the large furniture pieces and other items, contact them, and they will send a team for a pick-up service.

Local Churches & Community Centres

There is no denying that local churches and community centres play a pivotal role in supporting their local communities on the Gold Coast. They provide help to underprivileged people across the city. Many of these organisations also accept donations, such as pre-loved furniture, clothing, blankets, household goods, electronics, and non-perishable food items.

They run programs, clothing drives, and food pantries- encouraging them to distribute donated items.

You can donate to the local churches and community centres and do a noble cause. However, it is important to inquire about donation guidelines and the types of items they accept for charity. It is because some churches only accept clothing while some community centres look for food items so that they can distribute them through their programs.

Wrapping up

Donating clothes, furniture, homeware and other good during a house move is a good idea. During this time, you can declutter and can have things that serve no purpose. Rather than letting these things add to your moving load and cost, you must give them away. Therefore, use this guide to know where to donate goods in Gold Coast.