Where To Donate Your Furniture On The Gold Coast

Where To Donate Your Furniture On The Gold Coast

Sep 08, 2023

Are you relocating home soon? Moving large furniture pieces from one place to another can be challenging and expensive. There is always a risk of personal injury or property damage due to poor handling of dining tables, pool tables, upholstery, beds and other bulky pieces.

Therefore, many people prefer de-cluttering their unwanted furniture pieces and other stuff. This is one of the most efficient strategies when downsizing your home in Gold Coast.

Instead of tossing or selling your furniture pieces, you can donate the pre-loved but outdated couches, chairs, tables, etc, to the local charity.

This way, you can save your tax because donations in Australia are tax deductible.

You can claim a deduction on your income tax return by submitting a receipt from the charity. Make sure to find good charity options in your area and prepare everything before the arrival of expert removalists Gold Coast.

Here is a list of reliable places where you can donate furniture pieces with ease:

1. The Salvation Army Stores or Salvos Stores

This is one of the most renowned non-profit organisations that has been running since 1865. They help underprivileged people in Australia by generating funds by selling donated items.

There are around 12 Salvos stores on the Gold Coast, including CBD, Mermaid Beach, Coomera, Burleigh Heads,  Coolangatta and many more. However, only some of the Salvos Stores will accept large furniture. So, contact them in advance and clear your doubts.

The best part is that you can leverage Salvation Army furniture pick-up service if you can’t drop off items at their local stores.

Ensure the items are in good condition and packed properly to avoid damage. Whether you are moving next door or across the new city, make sure you do everything in advance to save time and energy.

2. The Vinnies or OP Shops

Donating furniture has become easy in today’s era. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a renowned charitable organisation that has been helping needy people and homeless children.

You can donate pre-loved furniture pieces through their op shops in Gold Coast and help people in your local area. You can easily find vinnies or OP shops across the city where you can drop couches, tables, dressing tables, and other items that are in working condition. They will sell donated goods and help people suffering from disabilities, low income, homelessness, and other conditions.

Some shops can also arrange pick-up service depending on their transportation facilities. If you want to drop off heavy pieces, do this at least 2-3 days before the final moving day.


This is one of Australia’s most trusted Non-profit organisations that helps and supports underprivileged or needy people. They work all around the nation, including Gold Coast and organise charity events for vulnerable people in the local community.

You can donate furniture and get free pick-up service from GIVIT. However, you need to schedule the date for furniture pick up at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Also, create an inventory of items you need to relocate because professional removalists Gold Coast inspect all belongings before sending you the final quote or pricing.

4. Lifeline Queensland

Believe it or not! Lifeline Queensland has more than 120 op shops in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and other regions of QLD. You can donate everything from clothing to pre-loved furniture and do a noble cause.

They earn a good amount of money and generate funds for charitable events to help people while reducing landfill waste. You can also schedule for a free pick-up service for heavy furniture donations.

They have a team of dedicated and friendly volunteers who work around any schedule to provide aid, care and support during tough times of vulnerable people.

5. Animal Welfare League Queensland

Are you an animal lover and want to help needy dogs and cats? Donate your old furniture to this association. You can easily find AWLQ op-shops in Gold Coast where you can donate furniture pieces, clothing and other stuff.

You can also fill out the form online on their official website and schedule a pickup service for your bulky furniture pieces. Trained and enthusiastic volunteers run op-shops to raise funds for animals by selling secondhand or donated items.

If you are moving with your beloved furry friend, make sure you  register your pet and stay relaxed throughout the process.

6. Community Centres and Churches

These are the two most trusted places to donate furniture and other pre-loved items. Churches and local community centres in Gold Coast always support underprivileged people and kids.

The best part is that they also run programs, food pantries and clothing drivers to simplify the distribution process among affected people.

It is good to plan your move and book professional removalists Gold Coast at least 5-6 weeks prior to your final moving day and save money.  Also, protect your move by purchasing a complete moving insurance for your household belongings.

Wrapping Up

These are the most trusted places and op-shops in Gold Coast where you can donate pre-loved furniture pieces when relocating home. If you are busy in the packing process or don’t want to drop off bulky items, contact them and schedule a free pickup service. This is one of the best ways to reduce unwanted stuff while helping people who need these things.