Where To Find Free Boxes For Moving House In Gold Coast

Where To Find Free Boxes For Moving House In Gold Coast

Jun 05, 2023

Relocating home is one of the most expensive endeavours. However, the estimated cost will depend on the distance of the move, the volume of your belongings and the services you need, but it can take a toll on your pocket. The process often requires proper planning, especially when arranging packing supplies.

You can organise the process and save money by arranging free boxes from different places.

Make sure the boxes are in good condition because you can’t put your belongings at risk to save a few dollars. Whether hiring well-qualified removalists Gold Coast or doing it yourself, focus on arranging cost-efficient but quality packing materials for a budget-friendly house move.

Here are some reliable places where you can find free cardboard boxes on the Gold Coast, but before that, know the average cost of boxes.

How Much Does a Moving Box Cost?

The prices may vary depending on different factors, such as material quality, the type and sizes of boxes, and the places from where you buy them. However, here are some general cost ranges you can expect in Queensland:

  • Standard Cardboard Moving Boxes: This may range from AU$3 to AU$6, depending on different sizes.
  • Specialty Boxes: The average cost can range from AU $10 to AU$ 22 or more.
  • Picture Boxes: $10 to $12 each

That’s one of the reasons why it is recommended to de-clutter your house and get rid of unwanted items. This can help you reduce the overall moving load and the number of boxes you need for packing your stuff.

If you want to save more, do more research and get free boxes from the following online and offline places:

1. Craigslist: A Good Online Marketplace

This is one of the ideal online marketplaces where you can get free moving boxes without any stress. The platform is super-easy to access, and it has a “Free” section on the website where locals can list the household items they wish to give away.

Whether you want wardrobe boxes or standard-size moving boxes, this is the perfect place. The best part is that you can get other packing supplies, such as packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic bags, etc, for free.

However, it is good to estimate the average cost of moving and decide where you can spend money and what you can get free of cost.

2. Facebook Community Groups

There is no denying that Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking websites that allows you to find local items, such as cardboard boxes for quick pick up..

You can find free boxes via Facebook Marketplace and type “free boxes” in the search section.

It is good to filter your search depending on the location and type of boxes you need for your home relocation.

Make sure you arrange all your packing supplies at least 3 weeks prior to your move and pack them carefully to prevent damage when removalists Gold Coast transport them via a moving vehicle.

You can also report a scam in case of any online fraud.

3. Local Stores and Shops

Believe it or not! Grocery stores, liquor shops and other retailers in the Gold Coast are the perfect places to get boxes for free.

Ask the retailer in your local area if they have some boxes so that you can reuse them. Please make sure they are in good condition. You can visit the local grocery stores, liquor shops, bookstores, pharmacies, warehouse clubs, home improvement stores etc to get sturdy boxes.

4. Freecycle Network

This is one of the most overlooked places when looking for free boxes. Alike Craigslist, The Freecycle Network is also a non-profit platform to find free quality boxes and other supplies in your local area.

You just need to sign up to join the local Freecycle community group in Gold Coast. Whenever you want free packing supplies, post in the network, and you will get good results.

However it is good to arrange quality supplies for moving expensive and rare items to keep them intact.

5. Consider Nextdoor.com

Make sure you visit the local online community groups and join Nextdoor.com, which is a neighbourhood hub. You can find useful information about the local area, neighbourhood updates, city news, etc, on your desktop or mobile phone.

The best part is that you can easily find free moving boxes that neighbours give away.

6. U-Haul Customer connect

This is one of the newest services introduced by U-Haul to allow people to search for free things locally. People who have just relocated and unpacked their items can deposit their supplies and boxes to U-Haul and let others leverage the benefit of those used boxes in good condition. This can reduce the waste and protect the environment.

All you need to do is to enter your zip code, and you will see results on the screen in a few seconds.

However, it is good to book professional removalists Gold Coast for your expensive and fragile items. They will take care of your precious possessions and transit them safely.

Wrapping Up

Finding free moving boxes doesn’t have to be a challenging process. You can consider online marketplaces, check classifieds, local community groups, retail shops, and other places to get free packing supplies for your household belongings when moving home.