Who To Notify When Moving: Change Of Address Checklist

Who To Notify When Moving: Change Of Address Checklist

Sep 15, 2023

Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful and challenging things anyone has to do. Whether the decision is made willingly or you are at the end of a tenancy, you have to prepare for the process.

Moving is not only about hiring expert removalists in Gold Coast, decluttering, packing, and transporting your belongings. There are a host of other responsibilities you have to complete to move out successfully and move into your new home without a hassle.

Among these responsibilities, a major one is changing your address. To help you complete this task, outlined below are organisations, people, and authorities, you need to notify when moving. Here is your complete change of address checklist.

Let Your Landlord Know

Although you are not legally obligated or required to share your new address, letting your landlord know about your new residence can be helpful. If you share a good equation with your lessor and think they may need to reach out to you for sending documents or other things, you can share details of your new house.

The Post Office

The Australia Post is the authority you need to inform regarding the change for redirecting mail from your current address to the new one. It would help if you informed the office to update residential address and start getting mail at your new address immediately after moving.

Thus, you need to be proactive and contact the authority a few weeks prior to moving.

Australian Taxation Office

You need to keep your contact details up-to-date with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Anyone can update his/her address by notifying the ATO online, by phone, or by post. The quickest way of updating your address is online. By post, it takes the authority up to 28 days after receiving the change of details for individual’s form.

Utility Service Providers

To discontinue getting bills for electricity, gas, water, internet, and other utilities at your current rented property, please contact your service providers like Energex, Ergon Energy Network, Queensland Urban Utilities, AGL Energy, etc.

Get in touch with them to learn about the discontinuation process, and whether the provider can give a new connection at the address, you are moving to. You should do this at the same time when you book removalists in Gold Coast so that you don’t forget about it.

You can also cease services from a retailer and get a new connection at the house you are moving in from another retailer. The choice is yours to continue getting services from your current providers or make a switch.

Banks and Insurance Agencies

Since you have to provide your current residential address at your bank or insurance agency, it is crucial you update it when you move out of a rented property. This process can be managed online or in person. Changing your residential address at these places is usually hassle-free and swift. Most banks and insurance agencies have online systems that allow you to update your address immediately and you are notified via your SMS and email after it is done.

Your Employer

If you are an employee, updating your new residential address is important, and you should inform about it to the human resource department. Learn about the procedure to change your address and notify the concerned people in time.

Subscription Service Providers

Get in touch with your subscription providers who send physical items to your current address. These things can be newspapers, magazines, cosmetics, groceries etc. Notify about the address change and see if they can continue sending the things to your new residence.

If the service provider doesn’t cater to your new location, follow the procedure to discontinue and search for new providers in the area. Make sure to do this before you book professional movers.

Education Centres

Parents should notify their children’s schools, colleges, or other educational institutes about the change. If you are a student who is moving out of a rented property or your home, make sure you let your university or institute know the address of your new residence.

Learn about the procedure and preferably notify the education centre around the same time you’d book professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage your move.

Individual Service Providers

Many people take the assistance of individual service providers like doctors, vets, physicians, tutors, etc. You need to notify these providers about moving and address change if you are going to discontinue their service or need to get your bills, charts, or visits to the new address.

If your individual service provider doesn’t provide assistance in the area you are moving to, then you can get referrals by sharing details.

Wrapping Up

While moving, you have to create different checklists to ensure everything is managed in time and there are no delays when your booked removalists in Gold Coast arrive for packing and transporting your belongings.

Use this change of address checklist to streamline the process of notifying government authorities, different service providers, and individuals about your move. It will help you manage your relocation faster and prevent unnecessary hassle or stress.