Why Moving House Is So Stressful?

Why Moving House Is So Stressful?

Dec 13, 2022

According to studies, around 57% of people find moving homes to be a very stressful event. This is because relocating homes in Australia is a big change and can cause major disruptions like leaving your friends and family behind, leaving your old memories and more.

This major life event can cause major stressful symptoms like exhaustion, diet changes, difficulty concentrating, frequent headaches and mood changes. Before removalist experts on Gold Coast give you recommendations on how to deal with this stress, you should know what causes this stress and how to make moving homes more fun.

Why Is Moving House Stressful

Budget Concerns

Did you know that residents of the Gold Coast face rental stress due to rising rent rates and house costs? This is because the average weekly rental rate on the Gold Coast is now $450 per week. Thus, when you are moving homes, you have to keep in mind your new living costs and rents in your new area.

  • You will also be spending money to buy packing supplies, hire removalist experts on the Gold Coast, hire a rental truck, buy new furnishings and more.
  • You will feel overwhelmed when relocating if you do not know how much these expenses will add up.

Less Time

One of the major causes of stress when moving homes on the Gold Coast is the lack of time. This means that you have many moving tasks to complete and have to finish everything within a deadline.

If you do not plan, you might be unable to finish all your moving tasks or do everything hurriedly. This will create a lot of stress and tension for you as you will constantly be worrying about getting things done on time.

Under preparation

Along with a lack of time, you must research moving rates, rental truck costs, weather changes, and more to avoid being unprepared. You will not have planned your move and will be unprepared for any untoward incidents.

Too Many Tasks

Lastly, one of the major reasons why people get stressed when moving homes is because there is too much to do. You will feel overwhelmed when you look at all the things you have to pack and all the moving tasks you have to complete. Since there is so much to do, you might get stressed and need help concentrating and completing your tasks properly.

Thus, these are the major reasons why you feel stressed when shifting homes on the Gold Coast and here is how you can deal with it:

Ways To Overcome This Stress

Create Your Budget

The first and foremost thing you must do is create a moving budget that considers all your moving expenses and your new living costs. You can hire budget removalist Gold Coast that suit your needs and choose your packing and moving supplies according to this set amount. You should start saving in advance once you have an estimated budget to ease some of this monetary stress.

Plan Your Move

The second most important thing you should do when moving homes on Gold Coast is to plan out your entire process so that you can stay organised during your move. Start by creating a deadline for all your tasks so that you know how much time you have for each task and can complete them in time. You must start planning your move at least two weeks in advance to carry the move smoothly and without any stress.

Divide Your Tasks

If you feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks you have to complete, divide them into smaller tasks with time limits and rewards. For instance, you can divide packing your room into sub-tasks of

  • First decluttering
  • Gathering all packing supplies
  • Packing seasonal items
  • Packing non-essential items
  • Lastly, packing essential items

You should also reward yourself after completing each task to relieve stress and make yourself feel productive and motivated.

Do Research

Lastly, you must research before moving homes on Gold Coast to see what dates and times are best. Based on this, you can review different removalists on the Gold Coast, get their estimated quotes and see what suits you best. You should also look at their reviews and ratings on the website and third-party sites to ensure they are genuine and certified.

Additional tips

  • You can also beat stress by spending time with family and friends who will lighten your mood.
  • It is a good idea to reduce stress by meditating, as it will calm your mind and make you focus more.
  • Create a checklist of all your task so you can tick off each task once you complete it.
  • Lastly, you should hire full-service removalists on the Gold Coast who will pack, load, unload and unpack all your belongings so that you do not have to worry.


Moving homes on the Gold Coast can be stressful for many reasons like a tight budget, too many tasks, lack of preparation and less time. But with the right planning and preparation and the help of removalist experts on the Gold Coast, you can move homes easily and flexibly.