Your Complete Guide To Getting A Full Bond Refund

Your Complete Guide To Getting A Full Bond Refund

Aug 23, 2023

A house move is daunting for every person going through the process. However, it is especially challenging for renters because they need to get their bond back in addition to packing and moving their belongings.

Most renters hire cheap removalists in Gold Coast to help with their relocation. Since the professionals have experience, expertise and equipment, they can quickly pack and transport your belongings without hassle. But, as a renter moving to a new home, there are certain things you must know and do to get a full bond refund.

Thus, here is your complete guide outlining what is a rental bond and tips to get it back while planning a house move. Have a look.

What is a Rental Bond?

Rental bond is a security deposit rental providers ask for at the start of a tenancy. It is a refundable amount unless the property isn’t reasonably clean or damaged at the end of tenancy. Renters who pay this amount can claim it upon returning the rental property in the same condition (excluding fair wear and tear) it was in at the start of their lease agreement.

In Gold Coast, Queensland the rental bond is up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $700 or less. There is no maximum rental bond amount if your weekly rent is over $700. It is therefore a significant sum to lose for you because during a house move you have to pay fixed expenses along with one-off expenses like changing utilities, hiring professional movers, paying advance rent etc.

Tips To Get Your Full Bond Back When Moving

Ending a tenancy is challenging and stressful because as a renter you also have the responsibility to perform end of lease cleaning and repairs to ensure the rental property passes the final inspection. You have to manage these tasks while decluttering your home, boxing property contents, changing your address and more.

However, you can bypass the stress of packing and moving by hiring reliable removalists in Gold Coast. The professionals can move your things within a stipulated time to speed and smoothen the relocation. In addition to booking a removal service to move your things at the end of a tenancy, take the following measures to get your bond back in full and reduce moving stress.

Review Your Lease Agreement

Refresh your memory regarding your responsibilities as a tenant by rereading your lease agreement. Revising the terms and conditions will help you plan for the move efficiently and cope with moving stress. For example, reading the contract will provide you clarity on whether you can perform the final cleaning yourself or have to hire professionals.

Similarly, it would help if you gained clarity of various other things by rereading the lease contract. Do this before you book removalists in Gold Coast, start updating your address and perform other important tasks.

Ensure No Rent Payments are Pending

Paying rent on time and being updated on all payments is necessary for getting clearance of your entire security deposit. Therefore, make sure all dues are cleared up to the day of the movement.

Unpaid rent for any month(s) is the reason for landlords to withhold the security deposit until the pending rent is cleared. It is also possible that the outstanding amount will be deducted from your security deposit and the remaining amount will be credited to your account after the claim is made by filling of the form for refund of bond money.

Focus on Condition Reports

When a tenant pays a bond, the landlord shares an original condition report that documents the property’s state at the start of tenancy. The lessee can edit this report if anything is not mentioned and must keep it for reference.

Plus, the tenant submits an exit condition report when ending a tenancy and this report documents the state of the property. Focusing on condition reports is crucial for having physical proofs and proper maintenance of records. It also helps make house moves less stressful.

Prioritise Bond Cleaning

Ensuring the bond clean is done adequately is extremely important to get your bond back in full. When a rental property is insufficiently cleaned, the landlord/property manager can legally use the bond money to get the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to return the property to its original clean condition. The bond money can be partially or completely used depending on the state of the house/unit.

Discuss Bond Claiming with the Landlord

Whether the claim is made by the landlord or the tenant, to get the entire security the claim for refund of bond money should be submitted through Rental bonds online. In case the bond was not lodged through this portal, then a form should be signed by both parties and submitted via post or email to Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA).

Make sure to discuss the matter with your landlord to know each party is on the same page regarding the amount to be refunded. Mutual agreement on the amount for claiming and refunding is necessary to avoid dispute and delaying of getting your bond money.

Wrapping Up

Moving out of a rented property is stressful and exhausting, especially when the end of the tenancy is near. There are several responsibilities to fulfil and among them, getting your bond back is a significant one. Through this guide, you can get your bond money back as it provides useful insights and necessary information to take the required steps.