Your Ultimate Guide To Deducting Moving Expenses
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Your Ultimate Guide To Deducting Moving Expenses

Feb 20, 2019

The thought of moving into a new home evokes excitement as well as stress. From packing to loading, you need to take care of numerous things at the same time. While the procedure does require effort and time, you don’t need to break the bank for it. There are various cost-effective ways to control your moving expenses.

People often think that doing everything on their own is the ultimate solution for affordable relocation, but that’s not true. You can keep your moving budget under control even after hiring furniture removalists in Gold Coast. All you need to do is adopt a few smart strategies. In this post, you will learn some effective ways of deducting the overall cost of moving.

1. Schedule Your Move In Advance

Experts believe that the moment your moving date is confirmed, you should start looking for a reputable removals company that will fulfil your relocation requirements. Whether it is a local or long distance moving company, they will charge you more if you contact them at the last moment.

As December to February is summer in Australia, more and more people plan their move during this time. So, if you are also looking to move at the same time, talk to Gold Coast removalists early and book their service.

2. Save Your Precious Time

When time is money, you must save it! Always remember the more you are organised regarding packing and moving, the more time you will save at the end. You can utilise this time in getting valuable information about the formalities of moving in Gold Coast.

In contrast, if you fall behind with the schedule, the extra time may lead to increase the duration of service, and you might end up paying some additional charges. This will only increase the overall expense.

3. Get free moving boxes

When you are moving, you need a lot of boxes for packing your belongings, and people spend a lot of amount for purchasing or renting those boxes. Imagine how much money you can save of you can manage to obtain most of the moving containers, if not all.

But the question is where to get the moving boxes for free? Most of the local businesses such as office supply stores, specialised liquor stores, supermarkets, bookstores, etc. have cardboard boxes in excess.

They usually break the containers down and then recycle them. So, all you need to do is talk to the store officials, and you will get as many boxes as you can carry. Remember not to use low-quality boxes. And for that, you need to understand the difference between low quality and cheap/free box.

4. Move fewer items and pay less money

If you want to reduce the moving expense, look for those items that are either broken, or you don’t use them anymore. We usually forget about the existence of such things that have been accumulated over the years.

Get rid of those items by selling them at a garage sale, giving them to friends or neighbours in Gold Coast, or donating things to local charitable centres. You will notice a massive cut in the moving costs, the transportation in particular.

5. Pack up your items

If you are looking for a full-service from a removals company during the moving process, it could be an expensive option. So, you should consider packing your items by yourself.

Taking care of some part of the moving process can be a great way to save a decent amount of money. Professional removalists in Gold Coast are ideal for packing and loading expensive furniture and large appliances as it requires technical knowledge.

However, you don’t need them to arrange the books, clothes and shoes in cardboard boxes. It is essential to contact a removals company when moving, but you should know how to use them smartly.

6. Go for a self-move when moving locally

You can reduce the moving cost if you perform a DIY move. However, several factors need to consider before taking any decision. Distance is perhaps the most crucial factor in deciding whether you should do it on your own or you should go for professional removalists in Gold Coast.

If you are moving only a short distance, you can perform a self-move – make sure you have rent a moving truck, and you have at least 2 to 4 reliable friends (or neighbours) who will help you in your packing and loading your belongings into the vehicle.

However, if moving to somewhere that is far from where you live, contacting a top-rated removals company would be an ideal option. Time is another factor that determines whether you need a professionals help or not.


Moving to a new home is not only one of the most stressful things you will come across, but also expensive. To complete your moving process without spending a massive amount, you need some smart ways. The ways as mentioned above will help you cut the additional moving costs and your overall expenses.